Monday, 20 October 2014

Malin + Goetz Sulfur Paste

With the recent weather change my skin has has decided to have a colossal breakout, and whilst we all long for younger looking skin, I'm not sure a teenage breakout is what we all have in mind. Whether you have actually broken out, have clogged up pores, blackheads or just oily skin, this handy little sulfur paste may just be your new best friend. 
First things first, don't make the same mistake I did and open the pot thinking this is a paste. This is a liquid; if you do not open this carefully you will have it everywhere, and this does stain. Warnings done this is an amazing skin care product. My oily T-Zone now has healthy normal skin, and while my spots have not completely gone yet, I have not got any more since using this. 
As you can see this dries your skin so it is not a great idea to use this everyday. I use this every other day, and I still moisturise; the aim is not to dehydrate your skin, this just kills the bacteria reducing excess oil and spots forming. 
This costs £16.50 for 14ml and can be bought in SpaceNK (buy online). I apply this with a cotton bud on to my skin, this keeps the unused product clean and is very easy to apply to a blemish alone or to a larger area. For best results leave on over night and wash off with water in the morning. Apply it after cleansing fully, and moisturise as normal in the morning to prevent dry skin. 

Obviously if you have dry skin or dry patches this is not one for you, but if you are someone that has suffered with excess oil and breakouts then reducing bacteria is key. This used to be known as a treatment for acne, now I think it is important to not rely solely on a product. Healthy lifestyle, sleep, keeping hydrated will also keep your skin looking great, but for a little extra help in keeping blemishes at bay, Malin + Goetz have got it spot on. 


Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Lush: Popcorn Lip Scrub

Hello lovelies,

While I'd love to follow the crowd and swoon over all Lush Cosmetics products, having not owned a bath for 4 years and being a firm lover of showers has meant that the shop tends to get sidetracked whilst on my spending sprees. That said I have a couple of Lush product reviews coming your way so lets start things off with their impulsive till point purchase; the Lip Scrubs.

The Scrubs come in 3 different flavours; Popcorn, Mint Julips and Bubblegum and retail for £5.50 buy here. There is also a christmas edition Santa's Lip Scrub if you are feeling a little more festive.
The Good Bits: Well most importantly, it actually works. My lips always feel perfectly exfoliated, smooth and healthy looking after using the scrub. This product is great if you too like wearing mate lipsticks. I always use a balm on my lips after using this to make the benefits last longer. My choice of balm is The Body Shop Vitamin E lip care; this nourishes your lips even in the coldest of weathers. Together they make the perfect dream team against chapped lips.

The Bad Bits: This tastes horrific, I haven't been sat here eating it I can assure you but of course rubbing this on your lips you do get a little taste and ergh! I have started using this before brushing my teeth that way I counteract the taste with some mint. This does smell amazing but keep your lips firm shut when scrubbing.
The other thing I think could easily be improved, is that it seams to have a little too much sugar and not much scrub. There is very little oil or balm holding the sugar together so it tends to go everywhere. 

While I am am very happy with the results the product gives, there are a few tweaks that could be improved before I would make another purchase.

Let me know what you think of this product, and if you are using a better lip scrub please share your finds! 


Thursday, 9 October 2014

Yes To Cucumber Soothing Hypoallergenic Facial Wipes

Hello ladies,
I realise wipes are a bit of a love hate in the beauty world, and although we all know a little wipe does not amount to a skincare routine, these lazy girl favourite do have their uses so we may as well use the good'ns.
Im such a sucker for packaging, a cute message always makes my day but on with the stuff that matters...
Price: £3.99 for 30 wipes Buy here

Smell: Well as you would expect, the cucumber wipes smell of just that. There are no nasty surprises just a lovely fresh scent.

Quality: The wipes themselves are not as soft or quilted as most other brands, however, they are far from rough. The feel as though they are good at getting the muck off your face. They are relatively large wipes so you can do your full face without having to use a dirty section of the wipe. 
I personally do not use these to take off my make up, they will not cleanse your face fully. If you are in a rush in the morning and have cleansed your face fully the night before then these do a good job at making your face feel cleansed. As they are oil free it also feels as though they have some toning qualities. 
If you were on the hunt for drug store make up wipes for on the go I would suggest Garnier Skin Naturals cleansing wipes as they are quilted and take off more of the make up. However, if you are looking for wipes just to freshen up in the day then these are perfect.
Range: There are four different wipes available in the range, all for different purposes including
The standard size packs are all sold in Boots. There is also a Yes To Cucumbers On The Go Facial Wipes that contains 10 wipes, however, I am not sure where stocks this pack.

Let me know if your have tried these wipes and which are your favourites, also check out the Yes to website to to see full product details.