Friday, 21 February 2014

Review: L'Oreal Paris Super Liner

Hello lovelies,
This post is long overdue! I have mentioned my favourite eyeliner in a few posts but I have never actually reviewed it. So many girls struggle to create the look they want with eyeliner. I know a lot of people have just given up and gone for a smoky eye instead, others use different liners for different looks, but this liner is literally the best at creating all styles of liner.
L'Oreal Paris Super liner; I personally use the black lacquer as this has a more matte, true black look to it, but there are a few variations available and different colours. click here to see the full range of eyeliners L'Oreal have created. I have currently got the Black Crystals version as well so I will show you this one also.
Price: I have found this product from £6.49-£8.00 there is usually a promotion on L'Oreal products as well so it is normally worth looking out for one buy Black Crystals  buy Black Lacquer (for some reason I struggled to find the whole range stocked online but Boots sells them in most stores)
The Applicator: This is what makes it the perfect liner, this sponge tip is sturdy but not stiff and will not loose shape during application, unlike brushes for other liquid liners and gel liner brushes. It holds the perfect amount of product; I create the lid line first then get more product to create the wing.

Good: Aside from the ultra precise applicator, I also love the size and shape of the wand. A lot of liquid liners have really short wands to hold on to; the superliner wands fit into the crease between your index finger and thumb. This gives the wand something to rest on and allows for more stability and precision when applying. The liquid itself I really love, it does not crumble or go crusty even when worn all day and night. It dries in about a second and can not be smudged.

I love a bold black liner like the black lacquer but the range really has something for everyone. The black Crystal is perfect for creating a more subtle look (pictured to the right). As you can see the colour appears  less harsh than the black lacquer; the glitter offsets the harshness of the black. The range is so versatile; in the picture above I have done about 5 strokes of liner on each so that the picture shows the full density but one small line can be made by a gentle stroke using the tip of the applicator or a thicker line can be created by applying it resting more of the applicator against the lid.

Bad: I really have nothing bad to say about this product, I have been using variations of the superliner for years, I have not found anything that compares. I can create really bold looks or really slim line subtle looks. Please comment bellow if you have found any negatives, but I think this is the best eyeliner on the market and its cheap :D

Tips: The first thing I would say is always make sure you shake the tube before use to ensure there is an even amount of product on the applicator, this will allow you to create the perfect line in one sweep.

The other thing is that if you do go for the Black Lacquer then an oil based make up remover works best. In this picture I have just wiped over the two liners twice with a creamy make up remover. Given a couple more swipes it does come off but I just feel that an oil based remover is better at removing it more simply, without the risk of damage to the skin from harsh rubbing.

I hope you found this useful ladies, if you would like a post on application then please comment bellow, and I will try to take some step by step pictures for you for a few different styles.


Wednesday, 19 February 2014

ecotools; Eye Enhancing Duo Set Review

I love a good makeup brush, good application is so often the key to good make up so I thought I would share with you my most recently purchased brushes.
Ecotools brushes are all super soft and made from eco-concious materials only. The company states that 'Living Beautifully is Our Mantra. Helping women look beautiful and live beautifully is what EcoTools is all about. Here at EcoTools, we have supported many organizations globally whose missions are to make the world a healthier (and more beautiful) place to live.' It's always nice to have a clear conscience when buying beauty products, but its important that they work too, so on with the review...

Price: £6.99 buy here this is an amazing price as you are effectively getting 4 brushes. There is usually a promotion on ecotools products in Boots as well so definitely worth looking out for that to grab a bargain!

Good: As you can see in the pictures the pack set contains one brush with a blend end and a smudge end and one brush with a define end and a shade end. I love how you can create any style eye make up using just this set, it is perfect for traveling or make up on the go.
The blending brush in particular is really nice, the soft but dense bristles allow for build-able product to be applied. The define (angled) brush can be used for filling in brows or applying shadow as eye liner. The smudge brush is amazing, I have been wanting one of these brushes for ages, they are great at smudging out harsh eyeliner for smoky eyed looks. Again it is really soft and dense which is really important when you are using them so close to your eyes. I am a massive fan of ecotools shade brushes, I always use them to dab on shadow in the center of the lid, they are the perfect size and shape.
The packaging is reusable as a protector for the brushes perfect for traveling; just cut off the top bit of plastic and you're good to go.

Bad: There is nothing bad to say about the brushes themselves, however one thing I would say is that most of us ladies like to stand our brushes up in pots for ease of access. Other duel ended brushes I own have protectors however these do not. To be honest I have been using my realTechniques travel cases to store these brushes just to make sure they last. I love that ecotools used natural materials to make their cases but it would be nice if they did a sturdy travel case.

Hope you found this useful ladies, I think this is a great starter set for girls that have not yet started their brush collection, and it is a great travel set for those of us that need to pack light. let me know what you think of this set...


Thursday, 6 February 2014

bareMinerals Origional Mineral Veil

As translucent powders and veils become increasingly popular in every girls make up bag I thought it was about time I reviewed my favourite of the bunch.

Firstly, this is fully translucent which allows you to apply this on top of your contour etc. without covering it up. It also means that it will work on every skin tone. I would say however, this does have a dusty finish to it and has a better finish when applied sparingly.

The dustiness of the powder has its benefits in that this keeps your base matte throughout most of the day without needing to re-touch. I apply this using the realTechniques Setting Brush as this allows me to concentrate applying it on my more oily areas.
This can also be used on bare skin to overcome any shine you may have by absorbing excess oil and bluring out the appearance of pores. I personally always wear make up but my sister has worn this alone and her skin looked lovely and airbrushed. 

The packaging is great, the swivel top prevents powder from falling out of the pot. I apply this by tipping a small amount of the product in to lid, this just makes it a bit easer to add an even amount all over your face. 

This retails at £20 for 9g which is a little costly but only a little is needed each day so it does last a long time. buy here 


Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Nivea Express Hydration Primer

Primer is one of those annoying products that most of us have to try about 50 before we actually find one we love.
Luckily my sister and I have very different skin so we simply give products we have not liked to one another; this is one that my sister was not a fan of. She has recently got moderately dry skin but with an oily tee zone, she just felt that this did not work as well as silicone based primers. I have extremely dry skin around my eyes and relatively normal skin on the rest of my face (it used to be oily prior to using vitamin E products review) so here are my thoughts.

Good: Unlike most primers this also has moisturising qualities; ideal for working days when we don't have hours for extensive pamper routines. This instantly absorbs into your skin leaving it feeling nicely moisturised and refreshed. This is not a replacement for your moisturiser but it does give your skin that extra bit of nourishment.
A lot of primers I have used, for example Benefit's pore-fessional (review), create a really smooth base for you makeup to sit on top of. This product does not create that silky layer but silky skin; I have found that this actually makes your make up stay put for even longer. Where other primers just create a base, this also has some fixing powers. By not having that extra layer, your makeup is less likely to smudge throughout the day which works great with liquid foundations. It also smells lovely and fresh.

Bad: Whilst I love this product, I can see why some people would dislike it, and I think this products benefits are totally dependent on your skin type. Touch wood, I am not really prone to blemishes therefore I don't really need my makeup to sit on an extra layer. If you do have blemishes then other primers will help to smooth out any uneven areas and may be better suited for you.

I personally look for a primer that makes my foundation last longer and this just fits the bill. I love that you can get the benefit of a primer whilst not drying out your skin and at £4.99 for 50ml this is an absolute bargain. buy here


Sunday, 2 February 2014

30 Beauty Questions Tag

Hello beauties,

I saw this tag over at and loved the idea so thought I would share my answerers with you:)
Comment me your links bellow if you have also done this tag. I think It's great to know more about the blogger when reading blogs because then you can see if you are similar and would therefore get the same benefits from products the blogger does...
1)How any times a day do you wash your face?
2-3 times a day depending if I re-do my makeup

2)What skin type do you have?
Combination skin; Very dry around my eyes, moderately oily on my nose and around my mouth

3)What is your current facial wash?
I just use Dove soap to wash my face then The Body Shop's Vitamin E Cream Cleanser (review)

4)Do you exfoliate?
Yes! normally twice a week, I use a variety of different exfoliators

5)What moisturiser do you use?
I am currently using The Body Shop's Vitamin E Intense Moisture Cream

6)Do you have blemish prone skin?
No, I get blemishes but I am blessed with fairly well behaved skin (touch wood!)

7)Is there any brand that does not work for you skin?
I have not found a full brand range, but Maybeline foundations really dry out my skin

8)Are there any tips that you can share?
Drinking water is the best skincare tip, and as much sleep as possible! Applying a bit of oil to your eyelashes once a week will help them to stay long, fanned out and curly.
Make Up
9)What foundation do you use?
I use a few but Boots No7 Beautifully Matte foundation is my favourite (review)

10)What concealer do you wear?
I recently started using e.l.f complete coverage concealer (review)

11)What do you think of false eyelashes?
I love natural looking false lashes but I don't think girls should wear them every day. eylure is my favourite brand for natural fakes:)

12)What mascara do you use?
So many! I don't really have one favourite, it depends on the look I'm going for

13)high street or high end?
Generally high street but high end are better quality for some products

14)What is your favourite brand for make up brushes?
realTechniques- Obviously :P  their buffing brush is amazing

15)Do you use a face primer?
Yes, I love Smashbox foundation primers and Urban Decay primer potion for my eye lids

16)What is your favourite eye shadow palette?
Hmmm, my most used is the Urban Decay Naked 1 palette

17)What eyeliner do you use?
I normally use L'oreal Superliner in black lacquer (every girl needs this!)

18)Do you use mineral make up?
Only bareMinerals mineral veil

19)What is your favourite lipstick?
My most used is mac in shade High Tea

20)What is your favourite lip gloss?
Probably the Sexy Mother Pucker range by Soap & Glory

21)What is your favourite blush?
Natural Collection Blushed Cheeks (review)

22)What is your favourite bronzer?

I love Benefit's Hoola, I think it gives a really lovely natural tan look and I love that it is matte, I really dislike shimmer bronzers

23)How many days a week do you wear make up?
7, unless I am ill and not leaving the house

24)Have you ever taken a make up class?
No, I tend to be good at copying and taking inspiration from pictures

25)What make up trend do you dislike?
That dot of eye liner on the bottom lash line! Why do people do this?! It does not make your eyes look bigger

26)What make up trend do you love?
I love a smokey eye!

27)What celebrity do you look to for inspiration?
The Kardashian sisters have by far the best make up styles I love recreating their make up

28)If you were to dye your hair a crazy colour, what would you choose?
I have had dark purple before and loved it!! That is as crazy as I would go

29)What is your worst make up habit?
I am so lazy at cleaning my brushes, I only do it like every 2 weeks :S I should probably make a rota for this!

30)What do you use to remove your make up?
I normally use a baby wipe or cotton wool pad with Olay essentials eye make up remover (review)

Review: mac fix+

You may have seen my recent e.l.f. make up mist and set review, today I thought I would share a high end setting spray so you can have some comparison.
Price: £14.50 100ml buy here
Good: The main good thing about this product is that it works amazingly well. One or two sprays and your makeup lasts you all day, and it dries in seconds. Because I use liquid foundation, my skin sometimes feels a bit dewy, but when I have used this my make up just feels like my skin which is really nice. It is infused with green tea, cucumber and chamomile and is said to have the scent of Sugi; I have no idea what that is but I can't smell anything which I think is good, as it is going all over my face I wouldn't want it to be perfumed.
A lot of  mac products are over priced but I think this is relatively good value for money. You literally only need a spray a day so 100mils could probably last you the year.
This is also great at preventing panda eyes when using gel or khol eyeliner. With gel liner I wet my brush with this before application and then wet the brush again and go over the applied liner. With a khol I again use my liner brush, just wet it slightly and go over the liner you have applied. This will not prevent smudging completely, but provided you don't rub your eyes too much fix+ works a treat.

Bad: The only thing I would say is that I don't like to use this over my powder foundation or mineral veil. This is water based, no matter how far away you hold the bottle when you spray, water does remove some of your powder product which can make it look a little blotchy. I do know some girls that wear this over their powders, but for me this is strictly for setting my liquid foundation and concealer.

I have read many reviews of other setting sprays that people claim to love more than this one. For me personally, I can't see me changing from the fix+, it works perfectly for me and I can easily pick it up from store or online, I find it a bit annoying when I only have the option to purchase online.

I hear a lot of girls asking what mac products they should get and I have to say this is my number one mac product. Not having to touch up your makeup all day will not only save you money but it will make you feel more confident and I am yet to find a cheaper setting spray as good as this one.


Saturday, 1 February 2014

I went SHOPPING...

Hello Lovelies,
I have not done a clothes haul before, but seeing as I have recently updated some of my wardrobe I thought I would share with you my new pieces....

As you can see I do love my black, I think because I spend 90% of my life at university or work I keep vibrant colours for when I go out so that I feel more dressed up rather than every day.
The black riding pants from Matalan are super comfortable, I actually got two of them because I know I am going to wear them all of the time. They are made of 69% viscose, 27% polyamide and 4% elastane. This material is much thicker than cotton leggings, and help to pull you in :D I am increasingly seeing girls wearing see-through leggings so please girlies try out some of these and I guarantee you will look 100% better!
Hope you enjoyed this post beauties, I very much enjoyed shopping! My favourite piece has to be the burnt orange top from topshop, the split sides really compliment the oversized style by showing off your legs; perfect for top heavy girls.
Of course no beauty blogger could go shopping without buying a few beauty products but I will be reviewing them individually over the next month or so; so hit follow! :P