Sunday, 2 February 2014

30 Beauty Questions Tag

Hello beauties,

I saw this tag over at and loved the idea so thought I would share my answerers with you:)
Comment me your links bellow if you have also done this tag. I think It's great to know more about the blogger when reading blogs because then you can see if you are similar and would therefore get the same benefits from products the blogger does...
1)How any times a day do you wash your face?
2-3 times a day depending if I re-do my makeup

2)What skin type do you have?
Combination skin; Very dry around my eyes, moderately oily on my nose and around my mouth

3)What is your current facial wash?
I just use Dove soap to wash my face then The Body Shop's Vitamin E Cream Cleanser (review)

4)Do you exfoliate?
Yes! normally twice a week, I use a variety of different exfoliators

5)What moisturiser do you use?
I am currently using The Body Shop's Vitamin E Intense Moisture Cream

6)Do you have blemish prone skin?
No, I get blemishes but I am blessed with fairly well behaved skin (touch wood!)

7)Is there any brand that does not work for you skin?
I have not found a full brand range, but Maybeline foundations really dry out my skin

8)Are there any tips that you can share?
Drinking water is the best skincare tip, and as much sleep as possible! Applying a bit of oil to your eyelashes once a week will help them to stay long, fanned out and curly.
Make Up
9)What foundation do you use?
I use a few but Boots No7 Beautifully Matte foundation is my favourite (review)

10)What concealer do you wear?
I recently started using e.l.f complete coverage concealer (review)

11)What do you think of false eyelashes?
I love natural looking false lashes but I don't think girls should wear them every day. eylure is my favourite brand for natural fakes:)

12)What mascara do you use?
So many! I don't really have one favourite, it depends on the look I'm going for

13)high street or high end?
Generally high street but high end are better quality for some products

14)What is your favourite brand for make up brushes?
realTechniques- Obviously :P  their buffing brush is amazing

15)Do you use a face primer?
Yes, I love Smashbox foundation primers and Urban Decay primer potion for my eye lids

16)What is your favourite eye shadow palette?
Hmmm, my most used is the Urban Decay Naked 1 palette

17)What eyeliner do you use?
I normally use L'oreal Superliner in black lacquer (every girl needs this!)

18)Do you use mineral make up?
Only bareMinerals mineral veil

19)What is your favourite lipstick?
My most used is mac in shade High Tea

20)What is your favourite lip gloss?
Probably the Sexy Mother Pucker range by Soap & Glory

21)What is your favourite blush?
Natural Collection Blushed Cheeks (review)

22)What is your favourite bronzer?

I love Benefit's Hoola, I think it gives a really lovely natural tan look and I love that it is matte, I really dislike shimmer bronzers

23)How many days a week do you wear make up?
7, unless I am ill and not leaving the house

24)Have you ever taken a make up class?
No, I tend to be good at copying and taking inspiration from pictures

25)What make up trend do you dislike?
That dot of eye liner on the bottom lash line! Why do people do this?! It does not make your eyes look bigger

26)What make up trend do you love?
I love a smokey eye!

27)What celebrity do you look to for inspiration?
The Kardashian sisters have by far the best make up styles I love recreating their make up

28)If you were to dye your hair a crazy colour, what would you choose?
I have had dark purple before and loved it!! That is as crazy as I would go

29)What is your worst make up habit?
I am so lazy at cleaning my brushes, I only do it like every 2 weeks :S I should probably make a rota for this!

30)What do you use to remove your make up?
I normally use a baby wipe or cotton wool pad with Olay essentials eye make up remover (review)