Friday, 21 February 2014

Review: L'Oreal Paris Super Liner

Hello lovelies,
This post is long overdue! I have mentioned my favourite eyeliner in a few posts but I have never actually reviewed it. So many girls struggle to create the look they want with eyeliner. I know a lot of people have just given up and gone for a smoky eye instead, others use different liners for different looks, but this liner is literally the best at creating all styles of liner.
L'Oreal Paris Super liner; I personally use the black lacquer as this has a more matte, true black look to it, but there are a few variations available and different colours. click here to see the full range of eyeliners L'Oreal have created. I have currently got the Black Crystals version as well so I will show you this one also.
Price: I have found this product from £6.49-£8.00 there is usually a promotion on L'Oreal products as well so it is normally worth looking out for one buy Black Crystals  buy Black Lacquer (for some reason I struggled to find the whole range stocked online but Boots sells them in most stores)
The Applicator: This is what makes it the perfect liner, this sponge tip is sturdy but not stiff and will not loose shape during application, unlike brushes for other liquid liners and gel liner brushes. It holds the perfect amount of product; I create the lid line first then get more product to create the wing.

Good: Aside from the ultra precise applicator, I also love the size and shape of the wand. A lot of liquid liners have really short wands to hold on to; the superliner wands fit into the crease between your index finger and thumb. This gives the wand something to rest on and allows for more stability and precision when applying. The liquid itself I really love, it does not crumble or go crusty even when worn all day and night. It dries in about a second and can not be smudged.

I love a bold black liner like the black lacquer but the range really has something for everyone. The black Crystal is perfect for creating a more subtle look (pictured to the right). As you can see the colour appears  less harsh than the black lacquer; the glitter offsets the harshness of the black. The range is so versatile; in the picture above I have done about 5 strokes of liner on each so that the picture shows the full density but one small line can be made by a gentle stroke using the tip of the applicator or a thicker line can be created by applying it resting more of the applicator against the lid.

Bad: I really have nothing bad to say about this product, I have been using variations of the superliner for years, I have not found anything that compares. I can create really bold looks or really slim line subtle looks. Please comment bellow if you have found any negatives, but I think this is the best eyeliner on the market and its cheap :D

Tips: The first thing I would say is always make sure you shake the tube before use to ensure there is an even amount of product on the applicator, this will allow you to create the perfect line in one sweep.

The other thing is that if you do go for the Black Lacquer then an oil based make up remover works best. In this picture I have just wiped over the two liners twice with a creamy make up remover. Given a couple more swipes it does come off but I just feel that an oil based remover is better at removing it more simply, without the risk of damage to the skin from harsh rubbing.

I hope you found this useful ladies, if you would like a post on application then please comment bellow, and I will try to take some step by step pictures for you for a few different styles.