Monday, 7 July 2014

Review: Jouer Moisture Tints

Sorry it has been a while, life can get in the way sometimes but I am back, and I'm feeling summery! For those that have been around a while you will know I'm a strictly full coverage girl, this will never change, but BB creams and tinted moisturises have. Last summer I gave up looking for a lighter base for warmer months but as I'm slowly reaching 23 it's about time I stopped clogging up my pores and wore a base with a decent spf and moisturising qualities. Step in Jouer Cosmetics Moisture Tints.

I have really fallen for this brand, everything they sell is really high quality and makes you feel really made up in a natural looking way. I would like to say I knew I would love these tints but honestly I was skeptical. Luckily CultBeauty offer 2 free samples when you spend over £40 so I tried out the Pearl and Deep Bronze and was pleasantly surprised by the coverage they gave.
Both of the moisture tints are oil free, the only real difference I have found is that the luminizing tints are slightly more nourishing on the skin, where the matte tints can be a little drying on the skin if you wear them too often. I apply a mix of the luminizing Pearl and matte Porcelain all over my face as a base then blend in a little of the Deep Bronze on to my cheeks, nose and forehead. This gives a really nice tanned summer look as well as it carving out some cheek bones. I use this sparingly though, a pea size amount is more than enough for full face bronzing.

As you can see all pigmentation is covered, and even though the sun was glaring, there is no shimmer on the luminizing deep bronze tint. I have combination skin and have not needed to apply a powder to keep back any shine. If I were to wear the aluminising tint alone then perhaps a little blotting throughout the day but the matte tint is amazing at holding back excess oily. The The longevity of the tints is what really impress me. I did not think a tint would actually last me a proper working day, but the product just dries on to the skin instantly and stays in place just as a foundation would.

Bad news is there are no pretty Jouer stores or counters in the UK, but these can be purchased online here for £30 from Cult Beauty. And if you are worried about finding a shade to match your skin tone, but are tempted to buy the deep bronze shade four contouring, simply mix a bit of the bronze into one of the lighter shades and create your perfect match as your tan develops or fades throughout the year.