Thursday, 24 July 2014

NARS Blush sex appeal

Hello ladies,

A shocking revelation today, this is my first NARS product purchase! I like to take my time when buying expensive make up, I try things out in store and get samples before I even think about parting with my cash. When it came to NARS I was really in between buying a eye shadow duo or a blusher, but as my make up collection is a little shadow heavy I decided to go for a blush.

I purchased mine from SpaceNK where the NARS blushers retail from £22.50. If 'Satellite of love' is your shade, you can purchase this a little cheaper at £21 at the moment at Selfridges.

I went for shade 'Sex Appeal' I think it is the most subtle shade they have. It is a mix between a soft pink and coral which creates a beautiful spring summer flushed cheek.
Now I know most of you will probably wonder why I went for such a subtle shade when NARS are so well known for their vibrant blush shades. If you have read any of my blusher reviews in the past, you will be aware when it comes to blusher, for me its just about adding that natural flush back on to the skin after foundation has been applied. I would certainly never make my blusher the focal point of my makeup.

The texture is rather powdery, it is relatively finely milled but I suggest using a soft fluffy brush with this, not one that holds too much product. I love the realTechniques blush brush, but I think a duo fibre brush would be good for application also. 

Let me know what your favorite NARS product is in the comments, and please follow my blog if you are enjoying my ramblings