Tuesday, 29 July 2014

mini Lush Haul/ Reviews

Hello beauties,

Another first on the blog, can you believe I have never reviewed a Lush product before. Well I thought I would kick things off by reviewing 2 products in 1 post oh you lucky lot
I really like lush as a company; they use natural ingredients, hand make all of the products and give some of their profits to charity. It's nice when we don't have to feel too guilty with our spending.

Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub  £7.25- 120g  £13.25- 250g
Well the name kind of gives this one away, it is a sea salt exfoliating scrub that you can use on your face and body. First things first, I have to say how amazing this smells, it really is like being at the beach. 
The scrub works like a soap and a scrub, as you can see below, once rubbed in the avocado butter and lime wash your skin and lather slightly, while the larger salt crystals stay intact and exfoliate. It makes your skin feel so smooth and fresh and removes all dead skin. 
The only thing I would point out is that while this is face and body, I'd say it leans more towards body use. Especially if you have sensitive of broken skin the salt crystals can be a little rough. I just use this on my cheeks and chin where my skin is a little firmer. This is an amazing exfoliator for legs and I would definitely recommend trying this product.  

Bohemian Soap  £3.10- 100g
While I am not fanatical about skin care I do strangely have a thing about soap. I love soaps that lather well and smell beautiful, and I stay well clear of oily textured ones. This soap got a big thumbs up on the fragrance test. It has a gorgeous lemon sorbet scent, and a beautiful lemony creamy pattern.
This does not lather as much as say Dove Beauty Cream soap, it does bubble a little but I would not say it has that nice creamy soap texture. It is nice to freshen up with but I have not been using this as my main body wash as I just don't think it cleans as well as others.
It does leave some of the zesty smell on your skin but it still smells a little soapy and it is not too overpowering. I think this is a lovely soap to give as a gift, but I'm not so sure I would repurchase it over trying out other soaps.

Let me know your favorite Lush products and what you think of these two if you have tried them.