Wednesday, 16 July 2014

The Body Shop Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream

 Hello beauties,

With a never ending quest for nice skin and natural looking make up The Body Shop finally takes it's place among my endless testing, or shopping as my mum like to call it.

BB creams are not my favourite base products, I often find they lack the coverage I crave and can make the skin look a little shiny as the day goes on. That said, heavy foundations also cause a little shine in the summer heat, so I thought one with skin purifying qualities was worth a shot.

The Tea Tree BB Cremes retail for £8 for 40ml of product and can be purchased here.

The website claims the product has three main advantages; 
1)  Blemishes and imperfections are instantly covered.
2) A lightweight formula that gives shine-free complexion.
3) That the 3 shades available blend seamlessly into all skin tones for natural-looking coverage.

In honesty, three shades is very limited. With countless BB creams available on the market I think most people are likely to find there perfect match else where. I was in between buying the lightest and medium shade, I went for the lightest as I think it is easier to add colour than to take away. However, the fact that I was in between shades shows that if you have a darker skin then this product will probably not work for you. Really I think the majority of people would struggle to blend this in to a natural looking shade. 

This has a very thick consistency when first applied. It does blend in flawlessly but the coverage is not as full as other BB creams I have used. From the bellow picture you can see from the coverage on my, very annoying, burn scar that this is a good medium coverage. The trouble is some of the coverage wears away throughout the day.
If you are looking for something with medium to full coverage, with better staying power, I would direct you towards Jouer Cosmetics Moisture Tints; see my review here
The only real problem I had with this product is how oily it made my skin look as the hours past. I normally use The Body Shop's tea tree skin care products to combat excess oil and blemishes, but this product seemed to do the opposite. Due to it's thick consistency it looked and felt too cakey if I wore a powder over this. I therefore feel that if you do have oily skin then this is a no go. For now I am just using it on my cheeks where I do not have a problem with excess oil.

Overall I would say this product is okay, but I would not repurchase this. It is reasonably priced but I would rather spend a little more on a product that looks just as good in the evening as when first applied.

Let me know what you think if you have tried this product, and what your favourite BB creams are.