Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Review: YSL Eyebrow Pencil

So it may have taken me a long time and numerous mistakes but I have finally found the perfect product for filling in my brows. 

The YSL pencil may not be as thin as the Anastasia Brow Wiz but as my brows are relatively thick it was more important for me to find the right shade than find something I can mimic hairs with. And if you keep this super sharp you can achieve the same precision as the brow wiz.  

Anyone else find most brown brow products to be a little too auburn in some lights? If you do then you may want to try this in shade 4 Ash, it is completely cool toned so your brows look super natural. 

I always run through my brows with the spooley before applying a little colour, but because it is a little creamy to begin with if you comb them through again the product will look super natural. And the pencil sets perfectly in place so there will be no awkward brow smudging.

It costs £20 and can be purchased from FeelUnique , it is costly but unless the drugstore manage to come up with a shade like this, I can't see my collection ever being without it.