Thursday, 3 April 2014

Review: Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundations

Hello ladies,
For me foundation is that one must have piece of make up. I love a flawless full coverage look so I was bound to try these products at some point.
These both cost £28.50 so I didn't rush into buying them. Estée Lauder counters will usually have samples of foundation you can take away with you, they will also book consultations where they find the perfect foundation look and colour for you and allow you to wear it out for the day and see how you get on. 
Shop Smart: On the Estee Lauder website you will get 2 free samples with orders under £50 and 4 free samples with orders over £50 as well as free shipping.
Maximum Cover Camouflage Makeup (Blue Tube) If you hadn't already worked it out this one has the most coverage. I know a few people that are not too keen on the maximum coverage as it takes out the natural pigmentations of your skin such as blush and freckles. Personally I love that no concealer is needed and  blush and bronze can always be added.
The consistency of this is lovely. I have found most other full coverage foundations stay a little dewy on the skin as they are very thick. This seams to just soak in to my skin, even if you touch your face a lot it does not rub off at all.
Stay In Place Make up This comes in a glass bottle which looks lovely but honestly I do prefer a tube or pump. The coverage I would say is medium, but buildable. You definitely cannot build up to the coverage of the Maximum Cover, but if you are one of those ladies that don't want to hide your freckles but still want full coverage then this may be the one for you.
This has a thick liquid consistency rather than a creamy texture. Alone this stays in place just as well as the Maximum Cover, but ironically when applied over a silicone based primer this does not stay in place at all. I would say rather than using a primer with this product just use a thick moisturiser. Really though neither of these foundations require a primer.
I do have to wear concealer with this foundation, again this is not a full coverage it is a medium. A lovely everyday foundation, perfect for school or work where full make up may not be the dress code.
Everyone seems to talk about Double Wear as it being a really heavy foundation. It is heavier than other products but if it is full coverage you want then try the Maximum Cover, it is still much lighter than other full coverage foundations. If you are happy with a little less coverage then the Stay in place is not heavy at all once it has set.
For reference I use shades Bone or Sand in the Stay In Place foundation, dependent on how tanned I am, and shade Rattan in the Maximum Cover, much too dark for my natural skin tone but perfect when I am wearing fake tan.