Thursday, 20 August 2015

MAC Studio Fix Fluid

Perfect skin is on the top of most girls wish lists, and while we keep searching for that magic lamp I like to have a few products to help me fake it along the way. MACs Studio Fix Fluid retails for £22 for 30ml which is pretty cheep for a high end foundation, so if you want full coverage on a budget this may be the one for you. buy here
It has an SPF of 15, more than enough if you live in the U.K, and comes in around 40 different shades so you are pretty much guaranteed to find a perfect match. I use shade NC20 as I wear this when I have applied fake tan. I would encourage you to get matched up in store though, such full coverage will look a little odd if not the same tone as your skin. And this really is a true full coverage foundation, as you can see above the vein on my wrist has even been covered, so no need to worry about concealer.
This has a thick creamy consistency so light application and lots of blending is needed to get an even and natural looking finish. I actually mix this with my moisturiser to create a medium coverage tinted moisturiser. If you are using this as a foundation though I would not suggest wearing this over a silicone based primer; it does not blend or sit as well on top of it and can look a little cakey. I suggest using the Nivea Express Hydration Primer which makes this stay put all day *review.  

Overall I really like this foundation, it's great for occasions where you want to look a little more airbrushed, but for everyday use I would still choose my Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place foundation and look a little more natural whilst still having good coverage *review.

Monday, 17 August 2015

Lets Talk Tanning

Although a firm lover of over tanning as a teen, orange toned, strong smelling tanning products are long gone on my bathroom shelf. After trying a ton of home tanners I feel I have finally found my favorites, so here is a little breakdown of my top 5 for full on fakery, ready for the day, and all year round.
If you have the patience to go full on with the fake tan I cant find better than the St Tropez Self Tan Express. Having moved out of home and cleaning my own bed sheets, it's just not about discoloured bedding and PJs, and a 1-3hour wait for a fully developed tan is right up street. Admittedly this does still have a fake tan smell but nothing like others I have used, and it does completely go after your second shower. £33

Technically the St Tropez Every Day Body Lotion is a gradual tanner, but if you haven't got time wait for your limbs to bronze before you go out, this stuff actually starts to develop after just a couple of hours. You have to apply this with a tanning mitt as you would the rest of these products, and with a couple of applications you will have a lovely natural looking summer glow. I have absolutely loved this stuff this summer. £14.50
If it's just an event you want to tan for then then I have found Sally Hansen to work better to get ready for the day. The Airbrush Legs Leg Makeup spray makes blemish free skin look more even in tone and beautifully bronzed at just £9.99. If you want a little more coverage from your tanner then the Airbrush Legs Leg Makeup cream product is amazing, and I can't find anything else like it. It sets within a few minutes and there is no transfer on to your clothing. I feel so confident when I use this and it is so inexpensive, 1 bottle could easily last for all your summer events. £13.99 And both products are water resistant, so no need to worry about sweating.
This is my all year round option, and the most subtle of the bunch. The St Tropez In Shower Lotion will top up your tan in the summer and prevent you looking pasty in the winter. Okay so as a newish release I haven't used this in the winter yet but as I am so pale this is lovely for just adding that touch of warmth to your skin. I doubt this would do anything for warmer skin tones, but for fellow Snow Whites this is a really nice, fuss free option. £14.50


Monday, 10 August 2015

What's In My Bag: The Wedding Guest Edit

As you may know, the other day my big sister got married so here is a little look at all the bits I took with me. The bag I chose was the Whistles Large Stingray bag in White. I love the Whistles clutches, with their detachable straps they are great for normal days out and days you need to look a bit more fancy. Click here to see the latest bags from Whistles.
All the contents of my bag had to be pretty small so I could fit my camera in, so a trip to Muji is my top tip for wedding clutches, just depot things you need and you should be able to fit everything in you want with you. 
Face Blotting Paper £1.95 Muji
Pocket Tissues £0.50 Muji
Black Padded Case (medium or Large) £2.50-£2.95 Muji
Atomiser £5.95 Muji
La Vie Est Belle 30ml £45.00 Lancome 
Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick in shade Adrienne £26
Pocket Comb £2.49 (pack of 4) LLoyds Pharmacy  
Striped Print Pouch £3.00 Forever 21
So that's all the bits I took in my bag, my sister had little baskets in the reception bathrooms with toiletries, tights, hair elastics, perfume etc. so luckily I didn't have to take too much with me. And if you would like to see a picture of the day and what I wore head over to my Instagram page.


Monday, 3 August 2015

Brand Focus: Estée Lauder

Estée Lauder has been my true love since discovering the Double Wear Stay In Place Foundation, since then my makeup and skincare collections have been dominated by their products. There isn't another brand I can think of where every product I have tried not only works as it clams to, but doesn't irritate my skins sensitivities
The fist product I purchased was the Double Wear Pressed Powder, *review, and since then I have repurchased all the Double Wear range time and time again. I have both very dry and moderately oily areas of skin, and the range manages to give good coverage, while keeping things matte and in place all day, without looking too done up. If you are fed up with high street base products like I was, then Lauder is a great investment and unlikely to disappoint. 
Skincare wise, everything I have tried feels really nourishing, non-oily, and has the most beautiful fresh scents. The Anti/Age Creme feels so luxurious and creamy to use, if you are on the hunt for a new moisturiser this is definitely worth a try *review. And while I know foam cleansers are not the greatest for your skin, if you ever wake up with an oily film on your face the Perfectly Clean Cleanser instantly keeps oiliness at bay for the rest of your day *review

I certainly would not want to only use one brand for the rest of my days but if I had to choose one I think I could give it a fair shot with Estée Lauder. I'd love to know your favourites from Lauder and your favourite brands in the comments bellow, do you think you could use just one forever?