Monday, 17 August 2015

Lets Talk Tanning

Although a firm lover of over tanning as a teen, orange toned, strong smelling tanning products are long gone on my bathroom shelf. After trying a ton of home tanners I feel I have finally found my favorites, so here is a little breakdown of my top 5 for full on fakery, ready for the day, and all year round.
If you have the patience to go full on with the fake tan I cant find better than the St Tropez Self Tan Express. Having moved out of home and cleaning my own bed sheets, it's just not about discoloured bedding and PJs, and a 1-3hour wait for a fully developed tan is right up street. Admittedly this does still have a fake tan smell but nothing like others I have used, and it does completely go after your second shower. £33

Technically the St Tropez Every Day Body Lotion is a gradual tanner, but if you haven't got time wait for your limbs to bronze before you go out, this stuff actually starts to develop after just a couple of hours. You have to apply this with a tanning mitt as you would the rest of these products, and with a couple of applications you will have a lovely natural looking summer glow. I have absolutely loved this stuff this summer. £14.50
If it's just an event you want to tan for then then I have found Sally Hansen to work better to get ready for the day. The Airbrush Legs Leg Makeup spray makes blemish free skin look more even in tone and beautifully bronzed at just £9.99. If you want a little more coverage from your tanner then the Airbrush Legs Leg Makeup cream product is amazing, and I can't find anything else like it. It sets within a few minutes and there is no transfer on to your clothing. I feel so confident when I use this and it is so inexpensive, 1 bottle could easily last for all your summer events. £13.99 And both products are water resistant, so no need to worry about sweating.
This is my all year round option, and the most subtle of the bunch. The St Tropez In Shower Lotion will top up your tan in the summer and prevent you looking pasty in the winter. Okay so as a newish release I haven't used this in the winter yet but as I am so pale this is lovely for just adding that touch of warmth to your skin. I doubt this would do anything for warmer skin tones, but for fellow Snow Whites this is a really nice, fuss free option. £14.50