Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Benefit High Beam highlighter

At £19.50 for 13ml this highlighter can only be described as an investment piece. As a lover of matte skin I am probably not the best person to review this product, but I am always honest and as highlighters go this does apply really nicely and gives a healthy looking sheen to the skin. 

Other creamy highlighters I have found to feel a little sticky, but this drys nice and quickly and just leaves your skin feeling like skin. If like me you are not keen on powder highlighter and feel they can look a bit much then I think this is a great product for adding a subtle glow. It is also water resistant so it would be a really nice product to wear at the beach and feel all swish and shimmery. 
The only bad thing I can really say is that this is a really pale colour, even on my pale skin I feel this is a little silvery. This is fine if you like that look and you too have a pale complexion but the Sun Beam highlighter which is more of a golden colour is probably more suited to most peoples taste. 

Overall I do like this, I think it looks really nice on the cupids bow and on the cheeks if applied sparingly, but I would love to know your thoughts on this and the Sun Beam if you have tried it. Buy here

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Benefit tan about town set

Hello Lovelies,
As you know benefit have done that really annoying thing of having amazing products at unaffordable prices. However, not so annoying are these miniature sets they sell.
Price: £9.50; €11 for my exotic readers :) I can't actually find this online but these little sample sets are always near the counter at Boots.
HOOLA: This bronzer is amazing, it is the reason I bought the set as mine is running out. The full size product contains 8g and costs £23.50. This is a little too expensive for me at the moment as I do have a few other bronzers I should be using up but if you plan on only buying one bronzer then I strongly suggest trying out this beauty. The product is really dusty in consistency which allows for buildable colour and the pigment true to colour; it has the same intensity on the brush as it does in the pot. buy here
BAD gal lash: I was really impressed with this mascara, if you read my They're Real review than you will know I was highly disappointed with the lack of volume it gave to my lashes. Look no further voluminous ladies, this is the mascara for us. As you can see the applicator is amazing. The tube is shaped to wipe of excess product from the applicator when you pull it out meaning you are always applying the same amount of product to each eye. This gets a 10/10 for quality for me, I think this would look great no matter what your natural lashes are like. The full size product costs £17.50 for 8.5g. buy here
Some kind-a-gorgeous: This is a foundation faker, and I got it in shade medium. This product is ok just not very me. I am a full face, full coverage kind of girl, this product is just too expensive for a compact foundation. The full size product costs £24.50 for 9.4g, it does come with a mirror and a sponge, but honestly I did not find this worth the money. The overall quality of the product is nice and feels lovely on your skin, just like I say I think it is a little on the costly side compared to cheaper, better quality products. buy here

Hope you found this useful lovelies, let me know what you think of these products, do you think they are worth their price tag?


Thursday, 16 January 2014

e.l.f 32 piece eyeshadow palette

Hello beauties,
I have not blogged about a palette for so long! I do not buy them that often but I saw this the other week and loved the shades so I had to snap it up :)

Price: £6 I have the natural palette but there is also an everyday and a brights palette available which are more colourful if that is what you prefer. Click here to view and purchase.

Good: I thought the packaging was nice, the palette itself looks ok and it comes with a good size mirror which is always a plus. The shadows are highly pigmented, I have swatched a few bellow to give you an idea of how they look. I love the range of shades, I am a big neutral fan and I like that they have more browns than golds. I have noticed an increase in gold/bronze colours since the naked palettes but I do like a range of stone/brown colours as they make great transition shades. 
The shadow is not too chalky or powdery, it is really nice to apply and you don't get as much powder dropping on your cheeks as with some other cheap palettes.
Bad: I do not like this applicator, the only thing they are good for are applying loose powders as you can dab with them nicely and wet them before application. As this is not loose powder they should just not provide an applicator, I think it makes the product look cheaper.
The only other flaw I could say is that maybe a few more matte shades would be nice I would expect at least 10 in a 32palette but there are only 7.

Overall I really like this product. I would definitely buy more eye shadows from e.l.f. and would really recommend the brand. I have reviewed a few of their products recently and have been impressed with their value for money.
Thanks for reading, if you would like me to do a makeup look using this palette comment bellow.


Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Review: e.l.f studio blush

Hello ladies,

As you can probably tell from recent posts I am loving blusher at the moment, I tend to wear blusher more often in the colder months as I tend to blush more naturally so this keeps my makeup looking more natural also.

This blush is from the e.l.f. studio range, it costs £3.75 for 4.75g which is a great price for its quality. I think you will agree the packaging makes the product look a lot more expensive than it is. It comes with a mirror on the lid as well which is great as a lot of blushers don't.
I have plenty of blushers I do realise but I wanted a more shimmery looking one and I had seen some youtubers using this so knew I would like it. Hopefully you can tell from the swatch above this has a lush sheen to it which makes it look more blended in when using highlighters such as Benefits high beam, which also have a sheen.

It does not have a very high pigmentation but its consistency is more chalky than powdery so just a small amount will be enough to provide a lovely subtle blush. In the picture I just swiped a little product on my finger and then on to my arm. I find it really difficult to find subtle blushers so I had to show you just  how lovely this is.

I have a couple more e.l.f. products I will be reviewing this month as well as some Benefit and bareMinerals goodies so hit follow to be updated :)


Friday, 10 January 2014

Review: e.l.f. complete coverage concealer

We all love concealer, and although I have my favourite I do still like to try new ones sometimes if I have heard they are good and at £3.75 I couldnt resist giving this a go. I have shade light but there is also medium and dark available. You can purchase it here 
Good: The reason I purchased this is because I have been thinking of buying a MAC pro conceal and correct palette for a while but this costs £35 and I could not justify spending that much! This was really cheap and gave me the range of shades I wanted so I was really happy. The first thing I noticed was how creamy this product was, it literally melts on to your fingertips which allows for great application. This can cause creasing so I do advise using a primer and fixer on this product.

The above picture does not show the true colours very well so here are some swatches , the shades are in the same order as in the packaging above. Here I just touched the product lightly with the tip of my finger and wiped it on to the skin, as you can see the coverage is great.

Bad: There is nothing really bad about this in my opinion, I suppose some could say it is too creamy which does affect its staying power. Truthfully the coverage is not as reliable as some other concealers I have used such as the Boi-ing concealer by benefit (Review).
Honestly this is a really lovely product, it is good quality, a good price and the perfect size for any purse.  I highly recommend this :)


Review: e.l.f. makeup mist & set

Hello ladies,
I have noticed an increase in people using setting sprays so thought I would review a cheap one to see if it is any good.
I personally find that my bareMinerals mineral veil keeps my makeup put but if you are looking for a premium brand spray that does this then MAC Fix+ is £14.50 for 100ml, this product is really good and not extortionate in price considering it works well, comment if you would like me to review this product.
e.l.f. makeup mist & Set
Cost: £3.75 for 60ml bottle and can be purchased here
Good: This does work rather well, I did find that my liquid foundation stayed in place all day so no complaints as to its function. I like the packaging, I think e.l.f. have got it spot on keeping it very simple making their products look more expensive than they are. Its ingredients include aloe, green tea, cucumber and vitamins A, C and E and this is also alcohol free, its always nice to know that products are not bad for your skin.
Bad: This has a really horrid smell, I can't describe what it is and you can only really smell it for about 1second but it does put you off spraying it.
This spray is water based so although it does set your makeup I do think it takes away some of the matte effect that you would get from a powder foundation. Simply apply your powder after this product, this should also prevent you from getting your liquid foundation on your powder brush.
I hope this has been useful, I was impressed with how well this product works, I have previously used the MUA setting spray and found it a complete waste of time so it was reassuring to know that there is a cheap one out there that works. Maybe just hold your nose when you spray this :P

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Benefit Bene Tint

First of all, this smells amazing, just like roses. I love it when makeup smells good, it shows that thought went into everything when it was being made. This is also a really beautiful colour, it is a lovely deep pinky red as you can see below, and it can be applied to both your lips and cheeks.

On your lips it makes them look really plump and the colour is perfect for all skin tones. This is also a great alternative to powder or cream blush, it seams to help set your foundation and can be blended in nicely on the apples of your cheeks by patting in the colour with your fingertips; but you have to act fast as this does set really quickly. If you are accustomed to applying cream blush with your fingers then you should be fine applying this.

Pictured on the left is the tint blended and the right is applied straight on to the skin with the applicator. I love this product, I think it is the perfect colour for all seasons. It is highly pigmented but can be blended to create a subtle look if preferred. Also if you use more lip balm than lipstick then this is great at adding that pop of colour on to your lips prior to applying balm.

This is a very expensive product at £24.50 so it really just depends on how much you think your would use it as to whether it is worth it for you. I would look out for this in the mini sets at the tills at Boots though, it is a great product to add a bit of stain under a balm or even under a red lipstick. Buy here


Friday, 3 January 2014

bareMinerals Ready Blush

Today I just wanted to share with you one of my new finds. This bareMinerals Ready Blush in shade The One is such great quality and such a beautiful colour I just had to show you guys.
I got mine in a Christmas gift set, therefore this is just a 2g sample size of the product. There are 10 available shades and for a full size product it costs £22 which contains 6g of product and an applicator, which is expensive but blushers are the one product that lasts forever so if you are going to splash out on something why not find the perfect blush.  
As with all good blushers this has a powdery consistency, this helps to make your makeup look more matte and allows for more buildable application. The website also boasts that it is "composed of antioxidants and cold-pressed camellia oil, this silky long-wearing formula delivers softer, smoother skin".

As you can see from the swatch it is not as pigmented as it looks in the packaging it is actually a lovely pinkish shade, where as it looks a little more coral in the pan. Again I think this allows for build-able application but I would definitely swatch before you buy so you are not disappointed. 

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Review: Benefit Boi-ing Industtrial Strength Concealer

Hello lovelies,

Concealer is probably one of the most used make up products, I started using it before I started using foundation. It can hide a multitude of sins from blemishes, uneven skin tones and dark circles, yet even though we rely on this product so much some brands have failed to produce a good one.

Look no further ladies the Benefit Boi-ing industrial strength concealer is perfect! A full size pot contains 3.0 g and costs £17.50. This is costly, as with all Benefit products, but this really is industrial strength, it is a very reliable product and worth its price for quality. I do not use this everyday as I am not made of money but if I have a blemish or if I want that 'perfect' look then this is always what I use. (I got mine in a set hence the different packaging)
As you can see this has a lovely creamy texture, it has a thick consistency which means it stays a little creamy throughout the day. This is perfect as it leaves your skin feeling nourished and allows you to go back in and blend if you patch your makeup up later in the day. Also allowing you to smooth out any creases that may have appeared.
These two shades (1 light and 2 light/ medium) are perfect for us pale beauties and they also have three other shades which seam to match beautifully with various darker skin tones.
The consistency of the product allows for great coverage. Above I only have a little product on each finger but the coverage is incredible when you compare it to some more liquid concealers there really is no question as to why this is my go to product.
I hope this has been useful ladies, let me know what you think of this product or if you would like more concealer reviews, I have tried plenty!