Saturday, 4 January 2014

Benefit Bene Tint

First of all, this smells amazing, just like roses. I love it when makeup smells good, it shows that thought went into everything when it was being made. This is also a really beautiful colour, it is a lovely deep pinky red as you can see below, and it can be applied to both your lips and cheeks.

On your lips it makes them look really plump and the colour is perfect for all skin tones. This is also a great alternative to powder or cream blush, it seams to help set your foundation and can be blended in nicely on the apples of your cheeks by patting in the colour with your fingertips; but you have to act fast as this does set really quickly. If you are accustomed to applying cream blush with your fingers then you should be fine applying this.

Pictured on the left is the tint blended and the right is applied straight on to the skin with the applicator. I love this product, I think it is the perfect colour for all seasons. It is highly pigmented but can be blended to create a subtle look if preferred. Also if you use more lip balm than lipstick then this is great at adding that pop of colour on to your lips prior to applying balm.

This is a very expensive product at £24.50 so it really just depends on how much you think your would use it as to whether it is worth it for you. I would look out for this in the mini sets at the tills at Boots though, it is a great product to add a bit of stain under a balm or even under a red lipstick. Buy here