Friday, 10 January 2014

Review: e.l.f. complete coverage concealer

We all love concealer, and although I have my favourite I do still like to try new ones sometimes if I have heard they are good and at £3.75 I couldnt resist giving this a go. I have shade light but there is also medium and dark available. You can purchase it here 
Good: The reason I purchased this is because I have been thinking of buying a MAC pro conceal and correct palette for a while but this costs £35 and I could not justify spending that much! This was really cheap and gave me the range of shades I wanted so I was really happy. The first thing I noticed was how creamy this product was, it literally melts on to your fingertips which allows for great application. This can cause creasing so I do advise using a primer and fixer on this product.

The above picture does not show the true colours very well so here are some swatches , the shades are in the same order as in the packaging above. Here I just touched the product lightly with the tip of my finger and wiped it on to the skin, as you can see the coverage is great.

Bad: There is nothing really bad about this in my opinion, I suppose some could say it is too creamy which does affect its staying power. Truthfully the coverage is not as reliable as some other concealers I have used such as the Boi-ing concealer by benefit (Review).
Honestly this is a really lovely product, it is good quality, a good price and the perfect size for any purse.  I highly recommend this :)