Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Yves Saint Laurent Fusion Ink Foundation

Hello Beauties,
I know you are probably used to seeing the trusted Touche Éclat foundation round these parts, but Yves Saint Laurent have stepped up their game and created this little beauty. So let me tell you why Fusion Ink, or Le Teint Encre De Peau for all you mademoiselles, should be on your wishlists...
Starting with the packaging, before opening the bottle I was a little disappointed that there was no pump, but don't fear ladies, YSL has added their signature shaped wand to the inside of the lid. The wand makes layering this foundation so much easier. No more pouring out too much product; which is super helpful with this foundation because a little really does go a long way. 
The Foundation itself I really couldn't flaw. With my combination skin I often find other foundations drying out my skin or making my skin look oily. This seams to sidetrack all the things you don't like creating beautifully flawless looking skin that stays put all day. It has a velvet like touch and look to it, but it does not feel heavy on the skin at all. 

I have found this foundation to be best without adding powder, I do still wear bronzer and blush but somehow they have made the liquid foundation feel like a powdered matte foundation but still keeping a natural glow.

At £30.50 it is hardly the cheapest product on the market but if good natural looking skin is what you are after then I haven't tried better than this. 
The reason this foundation is so perfect for all skin types is that the formula contains a combination of sensorial and volatile oils. The texture of the foundation changes from a regular liquid foundation to a velvet type texture once blended on to the skin. They say the oils evaporate once blended, and while I can't understand the science behind it, I can confirm both the dry and oily areas of my skin looked like normal healthy skin throughout the day. 

The only downfall I can see is that she shade range is much smaller than other YSL foundations. There are still 16  shades but there are very few available for darker skin tones. Hopefully they will come out with more shades but for now, most of the lighter shades do correspond with those of the Touche Éclat.

This may not be buildable to full coverage but it is a good medium and it looks so natural, provided you get the perfect match I'm sure a few people will be fooled into thinking you were born flawless.


Friday, 26 September 2014

Review: Topshop Bronzer in Mohawk

Hello Beauties,
I have finally taken the plunge and purchased my first product from Topshop Cosmetics. I have always been a little sceptical about them having beauty products with them being more well known for their fashion, however, I have read a lot of great reviews on their beauty bits so it had to be worth a try.
Topshop have 4 powder bronzers but I would say Mohawk is the most wearable out of the 4. In fact I would say this is a pretty good doop for Benefits Hoola bronzer and it is a fraction of the price. At just £9 I would struggle to justify Hoola's £23.50 price tag.
The shade is a little darker than benefit's Hoola but I think this makes this a mover versatile product. Where Hoola can look a little orange when used as a contour, Mohawk has a more earthy tone to it so looks great as a contour or a bronzer. I also really like using this as an eyeshadow, it looks great as a crease or transition colour as it is perfectly matte.

As regards to the texture there is very little difference. Benefit's Hoola feels velvet like and the powder is chalky; it is very easy to apply too much of this product. Topshops Bronzer has the same chalkiness but is slightly less velvet like in texture. If they were both put in the same packaging I don't think most people would know which is which.

The brushes I use to apply this are the Real Techniques Multi Task Brush; for when I apply this as a bronzer, and the Lancome 25 Cheek and Contour brush (review) for when I apply it as a contour. Like I say this is a chalky powder so you have to tap off excess product off the brush before you apply.
I am so happy with this bronzer, I highly recommend this to everyone. It is rare that you find such a high quality product with such a little price tag, it is definitely one of the best bronzers on the high street! I am also very happy I no longer have to spend £23.50 on Hoola, that means I can buy some more Topshop goodies right? 

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Benefit Hoola £23.50
Real Techniques Multi Task Brush £29.99 (for set of 6 brushes)

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

What's in my handbag makeup bag

Hello there ladies,
If you didn't already know I'm nosey parker and love all 'what's in' posts so with the assumption/hope that I'm not the only nosey one round these parts heres a sneaky peak at the beauty bits I use on the go...
Now if like me you would love a kitchen sink in your bag you will probably have learnt the don't pack light, pack miniature technique. I have managed to cut my makeup bag down to this little Ted Baker pencil case. I love the whole Ted Baker wash bag range so click here to see this seasons picks.
Jouer Lip Sheer; St Tropez
Jouer Face Compact and Jouer Moisturising Lip Gloss; Cherish. Both from Blushing Beauty Collection (review)
Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint sample in shade pearl (review

All my miniatures I usually find at the till in Boots, samples I tend to collect from online orders, I know they want you to try new things, I just pick my faves so that I don't have to lug around the full size products. 

In my bag I also like to keep some hygiene bits, and if I am only using a small bag I would rather take these bits than my make up bag.

I realise I don't need all this stuff in my bag but I tend to have 8 hour days so it's nice if you can feel fresh throughout. If you would like to nosey at my What's in your bag post click here.

Let me know if you have done one of these posts and pop the link in the comments. Is this an excessive amount of stuff or am I fairly normal? I don't know, but I can't see me down sizing anytime soon.


Monday, 22 September 2014

College/ University Makeup Look

Hello beauties,
Time I did another make up look, as always the products are linked if you want to go and buy them but this is really just about a speedy application so if you have products you love that you are more familiar with, mix it up.

I think you all know by now this is my favourite medium coverage foundation. It gives a lovely my skin but better look. (review)

Powder foundation: Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Powder Makeup 
This adds a little extra coverage and blots the foundation slightly. This can be skipped if you have dry skin, but as mine is combination I use a little on my tee zone and on my chin where a little more coverage is needed. (review)
Eye Shadow: Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette 
This is the perfect palette for A/W, as I went for a bold eyeliner I just used a little of shades Strange on my lid and Limit in to my crease. I then went all over my lids with shade Burnout using a big fluffy crease brush, just to add a little bit of shimmer. (review)

Eye Liner: L'Oreal Superliner Perfect Slim Black Intense  
I have such sensitive eyes and this is one of the few non gel liners I can wear without it making my eyes feel really dry. I go over this with MAC Fix+ on an eyeliner brush to prevent any smudging throughout the day (review).
Mascara: Clinique High Impact Mascara
This is actually just a sample size I am trying to use up, I do like it but if you want to see my top  3 mascaras read my last post here.

Lipstick: MAC AngelJouer Lip Sheer Capri 
I get a little of each lipstick on to my ring finger and dab on to my lips. Throughout the day I would probably just apply the jouer lipstick as this is incredibly buttery and moisturising, but I like to start of the day with a hint of pink but very natural looking lips.

I haven't used any bronzer, contour, highlight or blusher here. Because I used a medium coverage foundation I like to let my natural blush come through. This makes the overall look more subtle and, more importantly, faster to apply for the early morning lessons.

Let me know what you think of this look and please comment with your links if you have done a look post recently.


Friday, 19 September 2014

The Best Of... Mascara

Hello beauties,
While mascara looks different on everyone dependant on their natural lashes I have tried to pick three I think should work well regardless of lash type. I would say though lashes are something a lot of us neglect, ensure to always remove mascara fully in the evening and apply a little oil to the lashes to moisturise them from time to time. 
Here I have the waterproof version, if I am honest I prefer the regular black version of this as the formula is better at giving maximum volume. They also do a dark brown shade of this mascara so if you have light hair then this may be more suited to you. The False Lash Effect range has been a firm favorite of mine for years, the brush is just great at gripping on to your lashes, it coats them in just the right amount of mascara creating perfect non-clumpy volume, while lengthening  and curling too. This mascara is also a steal at just £10.99, do we need anything else? Well let me introduce you to the rest of my dream team.

Retailing at  £14.50 this is actually fairly cheap for a high end product. Personally I only use this for my bottom lashes, the wand lengthens and defines to perfection and gives a gorgeous 60's vibe. As my top lashes are fairly thin and long I would only use this for a soft romantic look lash, if you are after any volume then this is not the mascara to use. Having said that if you have very thick or very short lashes then this may be your new best friend. see full review
The pièce de résistance of my little dream team. Have you ever seen such a beautiful applicator? This may be the most expensive of the three at £17 (currently £14.95 at feelunique) but you can  just see a lot of thought went in to designing it and I can assure you it pays for itself. Swirl the wand as you apply and it will grip on to each lash giving an even coat of product while curling and lengthening them. Not only that, due to the shape of the wand if you want to go back in with a second coat, whether the first coat has dried or not, it will not clump or flake, it will simply add the extra volume you intended to create. see full review

So these are my top three which I use every day together or individually. I have trialed my fair share of mascaras and I can confidently say these three will work miracles no matter what your lashes are like naturally. Some combination of the three will give you your desired look.


Tuesday, 16 September 2014

The Best Of... Powder Bronzers

Hello lovelies,

Time for a little series of posts me thinks :) The Best Of... can be any product you like so while I do have a few lined up if you have anything in particular you want to know my top picks of please comment below.
As summer has well and truly come to an end I thought I would kick things off with my fave powder bronzers. My top picks for days I choose not to embrace the Snow White look.
These are the products I only use as bronzers, that's on the high points of my face. When looking for a bronzer red/orange undertones are better in order to create a natural looking sunkissed bronzed look. It is also ok to have a little bit of shimmer in there. This would not be the case for a contour product, these need to be slightly more ashy and shimmer is a no no, contouring is all about creating shadows. 
At £7.99 this is the cheapest of my picks. This is the lightest shade they do and it is probably a little too dark if your are porcelain, however if you have some warmth in your skin already this may be the one for you. The velvet like powder keeps your base matte and in place all day, for my full review click here.
Jouer is a firm favourite of mine, everything I have used from the brand is excellent quality and very long lasting. Retailing at £22 this is a high end product, but price aside this is a lovely product with the much loved Jouer interlocking packaging. There is only one shade available, so while pale to the darker medium skin tones would look great with this powder, darker skin tones would be better using a brand with a more extensive shade range.
Retailing at £11 this will not break the bank and with two shades your really can't go wrong with this product. Okay so the packaging is far from fancy, but the powder itself is perfect for keeping your base in place and giving you the summer glow you long for in the colder months. The paler shade has a subtle shimmer and works great as a soft highlight for darker or more tanned skin tones. The darker shade is fully matte and can be used as a contour if wanted. Personally I love to swirl my brush over both sides and dust a little as a bronzer. I find this gives the perfect shade and finish for my skintone as it  creates a natural healthy glow.

I use a few different brushes for my bronzer but I'd say my most used would have to be the realTechniques Multi-Task brush. I feel this is a great size and shape and the soft long hairs allow for buildable application.

Let me know your fave powder bronzers and what brushes you like to apply it with, I love trying out your suggestions.


Monday, 15 September 2014

Rimmel Salon Pro Nail Polish

Hello beauties,

It has been a while since my last review so I'll get straight to it and start off with the good bits of this product. 

Price: £4.49 A perfectly reasonable price and there is a great range of shades. To my knowledge there are 20shades in the standard Salon Pro range and a further 18 shades in the Salon Pro By Kate range. The shade I chose is 397 Beige Babe a lovely creamy brown that looks lovely with a tan with a nice glossy finish.

Applicator: The brush is actually really great it is thick and flat, but not too thick that you paint the entirety of your little finger. It is actually the perfect size of my little finger nail

Formula: This is where the problems seem to occur, it takes about 3 coats to reach it's true colour and prevent streaks. I don't know about you ladies but I'm a two coat kinda gal, watching paint dry is not my favourite pass time.
The worst thing about this polish though has to be how much it chips! I had chipping within the hour. Top coats do help, but you have to ask yourself, should you really have to rely on a topcoat for your polish to last the day?

I am definitely going to keep using the polish but even with their extensive shade range and nice looking finish I would not recommend these varnishes.  

This is only my second nail polish review, I recently reviewed the Revlon Parfumerie polishes (read here) and I just wanted to know would you rather I just post reviews of polishes I am not 100% happy with and just include ones I am happy with in favorite posts, or would you like a mixture of positive and negative reviews? Please let me know in the comments.


Thursday, 11 September 2014

Bienvenido a Barcelona...

Hello lovelies,

My suitcase is empty, the clothes have been washed and my flat has been cleaned; my holiday has well and truly come to an end but for those of you, like me, planning your next get away I thought I would tempt you into taking a trip to Barcelona with a few holiday snaps. I stupidly forgot my camera so my Iphone has had to show an appearance for todays post.

Okay so not exactly something you can't do in every other city in the world but if you too love all things fishy then this place is great. Its one of my favourite aquariums and it's a really fun day out for families, friends and couples. 

Antoni Gaudi has left numerous contributions to Barcelona's culture with his breathtakingly intricate architecture; it would be hard to visit this city without coming away stunned by his works. La Sagrada Famillia is a personal favourite of mine, his last contribution to this world sadly left incomplete without the plans to finish his masterpiece as he envisioned. I have visited many times throughout my life and each time I am stunned by the grandeur and surprised by the designs by the new architects. 

First things first Montjuic is the place to be in Barcelona, not only are all the olympic stadiums up there there are art galleries, amazing views of the whole city and the port, beautiful walks, an old castle and of course the cable cars. Now while I didn't even dip my toe in the water just look at the stunning views from the swimming pool! If like me your are not a fan of sandy beaches this may be a really good alternative for you.
Pictures and videos are a waste of time when it comes to these fountains. Not only do they look beautiful but as the water starts to flow and the lights turn on the city comes alive. All ages and all nationalities stood together just makes for a great atmosphere. A must for any vacation to Barcelona and completely free. Hop off the metro at Plaça d'Espanya grab some food from the many tapas bars and stroll to the fountains around 9pm local time. I guarantee you the perfect romantic evening.
While I mention it the local transport is awesome; you can get a ticket of 10 journeys for just €10.30 which will take you anywhere in the city. Don't be lured into the tour busses, they are over priced and the underground metro or buses will take you to the door of all the main tourist attractions. All staff speak English and will give you a metro map of the city if you need help planning your  trip.

You may not be catholic or religious at all but the cathedral is truly magnificent. Situated neaPlaça Catalunya, Las Ramblas and some of the best shops Spain has to offer, it is a great place to add a bit of history to your holiday. Personally I think anywhere with geese and fish is a winner. If you do plan a visit please remember this is a religious building with prayers and confessions taking place as well as a tourist attraction so you must be relatively covered if you wish to enter, the guards ask many people to buy scarves to cover their arms and legs so maybe save the midi skirt for this trip. 

Another of Gaudí's contributions the park, well known for its mosaic designs is actually spread over a mountain not only providing breathtaking views of his work but of the city itself. This is most definitely a full day out, and if you think art and architecture are not something the young ones will enjoy then there is a cute little park in the main entrance, picnic tables near the local parrots and lots of little gift shops no one can resist entering, oh and they sell ice cream, no one can resist ice cream right? Now I've mentioned mountain a couple of times I just want to let you in to Barcelona's best feature... the mountains have escalators!!

Okay so I can't deny I'm definitely a pudding girl and there is no better place than Barcelona to satisfy your sweet tooth. Horchata is the nicest drink in the world which you must all try! The ice cream in spain is also amazing, here I have mint and Turron (another spanish dessert must try). I would also highly recommend the Crema Catalana, Pistachio and Vanilla flavoured ice cream. The freshly made pancakes and waffles down by the port are also amazing if you are not already to full.

So that is just a tiny insight to some of the things that make me love this beautiful city. Of course being born there and my father living there for 20 years of my life has probably made me a little biased, but I haven't met a person yet that hasn't fallen for Barcelona's laid back, highly cultured charm. Please share with me your favourite places to go in Barcelona and feel free to ask me any questions. I'm no tour guide but I have had the pleasure of going there a lot.