Thursday, 11 September 2014

Bienvenido a Barcelona...

Hello lovelies,

My suitcase is empty, the clothes have been washed and my flat has been cleaned; my holiday has well and truly come to an end but for those of you, like me, planning your next get away I thought I would tempt you into taking a trip to Barcelona with a few holiday snaps. I stupidly forgot my camera so my Iphone has had to show an appearance for todays post.

Okay so not exactly something you can't do in every other city in the world but if you too love all things fishy then this place is great. Its one of my favourite aquariums and it's a really fun day out for families, friends and couples. 

Antoni Gaudi has left numerous contributions to Barcelona's culture with his breathtakingly intricate architecture; it would be hard to visit this city without coming away stunned by his works. La Sagrada Famillia is a personal favourite of mine, his last contribution to this world sadly left incomplete without the plans to finish his masterpiece as he envisioned. I have visited many times throughout my life and each time I am stunned by the grandeur and surprised by the designs by the new architects. 

First things first Montjuic is the place to be in Barcelona, not only are all the olympic stadiums up there there are art galleries, amazing views of the whole city and the port, beautiful walks, an old castle and of course the cable cars. Now while I didn't even dip my toe in the water just look at the stunning views from the swimming pool! If like me your are not a fan of sandy beaches this may be a really good alternative for you.
Pictures and videos are a waste of time when it comes to these fountains. Not only do they look beautiful but as the water starts to flow and the lights turn on the city comes alive. All ages and all nationalities stood together just makes for a great atmosphere. A must for any vacation to Barcelona and completely free. Hop off the metro at Plaça d'Espanya grab some food from the many tapas bars and stroll to the fountains around 9pm local time. I guarantee you the perfect romantic evening.
While I mention it the local transport is awesome; you can get a ticket of 10 journeys for just €10.30 which will take you anywhere in the city. Don't be lured into the tour busses, they are over priced and the underground metro or buses will take you to the door of all the main tourist attractions. All staff speak English and will give you a metro map of the city if you need help planning your  trip.

You may not be catholic or religious at all but the cathedral is truly magnificent. Situated neaPlaça Catalunya, Las Ramblas and some of the best shops Spain has to offer, it is a great place to add a bit of history to your holiday. Personally I think anywhere with geese and fish is a winner. If you do plan a visit please remember this is a religious building with prayers and confessions taking place as well as a tourist attraction so you must be relatively covered if you wish to enter, the guards ask many people to buy scarves to cover their arms and legs so maybe save the midi skirt for this trip. 

Another of Gaudí's contributions the park, well known for its mosaic designs is actually spread over a mountain not only providing breathtaking views of his work but of the city itself. This is most definitely a full day out, and if you think art and architecture are not something the young ones will enjoy then there is a cute little park in the main entrance, picnic tables near the local parrots and lots of little gift shops no one can resist entering, oh and they sell ice cream, no one can resist ice cream right? Now I've mentioned mountain a couple of times I just want to let you in to Barcelona's best feature... the mountains have escalators!!

Okay so I can't deny I'm definitely a pudding girl and there is no better place than Barcelona to satisfy your sweet tooth. Horchata is the nicest drink in the world which you must all try! The ice cream in spain is also amazing, here I have mint and Turron (another spanish dessert must try). I would also highly recommend the Crema Catalana, Pistachio and Vanilla flavoured ice cream. The freshly made pancakes and waffles down by the port are also amazing if you are not already to full.

So that is just a tiny insight to some of the things that make me love this beautiful city. Of course being born there and my father living there for 20 years of my life has probably made me a little biased, but I haven't met a person yet that hasn't fallen for Barcelona's laid back, highly cultured charm. Please share with me your favourite places to go in Barcelona and feel free to ask me any questions. I'm no tour guide but I have had the pleasure of going there a lot.