Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Revlon Parfumerie Nail Enamel

Hello beauties,

I'm afraid I have to be a negative Nelly today. I always try to focus on the positives as with most products someone will usually find that they work well for them even if others don't. Lilly Pebbles has raved about these polishes and said how nicely her nails smelt as she brushed her hair etc. (read her review here) As I had never tried a scented polish before I thought they were worth a shot. 

The Scent: Unfortunately when applying the polish the smell is just as chemically as others and I found there to be no smell at all an my nails once it had dried. I thought maybe it is just the China Flower polish so I purchased the Lime Basil polish also; a beautiful shade of green. I did notice a hint of lime to the regular chemical smell when applying the polish, and a subtle smell on my nails for the next 24hours or so, nothing too overpowering.
The Formula: The polish dries relatively quickly and gives a nice glossy finish but I can't tell you how badly this chips. Within a couple of hours of just being at home doing nothing the polish had chipped on a few different fingers. I have tried applying 3 coats, base coats and top coats which does help a little but two days is the most you will get without a chip. The best top coat I found was the BarryM Matte Topcoat. With a layer of this applied the polish lasted about 4 days without any chipping, of course you will loose the glossy finish if you use this topcoat. 
The Applicator: While I love the packaging and the bulbus lid, the brush itself is incredibly slim. I don't have the largest nails in the world and it is still possible to apply it evenly with two coats, however, I do much prefer a larger brush. 

Overall I am not very happy with this polish, the packaging looks lovely and it was a nice idea but I think perhaps a little more focus on the formula was needed. Comment with your thoughts on this polish if you have tried it.


Monday, 11 August 2014

Travel Toiletries: The Holiday Edit

Hello lovelies,

Time to delve into my travel kit again and today it's all things clean with hair care and face cleansers. As I told you in my previous post, I got the set of 3 clear cosmetics bags from Superdrug for £5.99 and I am using the largest bag for all my toiletries. 
You will probably notice the theme of all things small, I spend the year collecting mini's so these are not my everyday bits and by all means mix things up for travel size products you have stashed, these are just the ones I selected. 

Dental Hygiene:
Toothbrush Holder The one essential item along with your toothbrush. I Like the Colgate Max White Toothbrushes
Oral-B Pro-Expert Toothpaste I couldn't find the mini online but here is a Colgate alternative.

General Cleanliness:

Skin Care:
Halo Eye Makeup Remover Pads (30 wipes) not an essential but I take these instead of cotton pads as they feel fresher on my skin.
The following 4 products I received as free samples, I have linked the full size product for you, but like I say mix it up for any travel size alternative.

Hair Care:
Bumble and Bumble Surf Travel Set (Shampoo, Conditioner and Surf Spray). review
Bumble and Bumble Thickening Hairspray- half of The Ultimate Blow Dry Travel Set. review
I will be buying my mouthwash and suncream at the airport as I will be using them on the plane, but cannot take it through baggage control. There are a few other bits I will take like a hairbrush, paracetamol ect. but thats my bags done. 
TIP: Anything you think could open and spill put a little sellotape over the lid and put inside a food/freezer bag if you have any. I use the bags as well because I will not be taking sellotape with me.

I hope this has been somewhat useful, and Bon Voyage to those of you going on your jollies!


Friday, 8 August 2014

Travel Makeup: The Holiday Edit

Hello beauties,

I absolutely cannot wait to go on holiday, I will be going at the beginning of September but for those going earlier than myself I thought I would share what I will be taking. Yes I am the geeky type that plans my makeup and clothes weeks in advance but hopefully thats a good thing when it comes to blogging. 

First things first is a make up bag. When it comes to packing my make up I love cute little wallets, but for holidays it is all about ease and speed and clear bags just make things that bit faster. I got the set of three clear bags from Superdrug for £5.99 I use the two smaller bags for my make up bits and the larger bag for toiletries which I will share in another post for you.

Small Bag:
A small bottle of Lancôme La Vie Est Belle. If you don't have smaller bottles of perfume you can buy fragrance atomizers to unbottle a little of your chosen scent buy here.
Laura Mercier travel brushes Any brushes are fine I just like to take some small duel ended ones to keep things compact.
Ecotools retractable foundation brush, I may just use my fingers but its nice to have the option. 

Medium Bag:
Double sided mirror with stand; incase the hotel has awful lighting by the mirror. 
Prime Time eyelid primer by bareMinerals which I actually use on my nose also as it combats shine like nothing else.
Soap & Glory Kick Ass powder just incase a little more blotting is needed. 
Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner as this does not budge no matter how hot it is. 
BareMinerals Lash Domination; my all time favorite mascara see review.
Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in shade Complex. 
Laura Mercier Lip Glace in shade Bare Beige. 
The Body Shop Vitamin E Lip Care balm SPF 15; perfect for protecting lips and preventing the Revlon matte balm from dehydrating them.

While I am not brave enough to go bare faced unless at pool side I do like a light base with preferably no powders so I am taking two shades of Jouer Moisture tints for my foundation and bronzer. I use the Matte Moisture Tint in shade porcelain and the Luminizing Moisture Tint in shade Deep Bronze See review.

For eyes and cheeks Jouer have provided the perfect travel solution with their nifty packaging. I have gone for the tint and Highlighter and the eyeshadow duo from The Blushing Beauty Collection. I am also taking the naturals eyeshadow trio from The Bare Beauty Collection as the two darker shades are perfect for filling in my brows. Along with the Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrow gel, simply because I have it in miniature but any clear mascara will do. 

I hope this has been useful or at least intresting to have a nose at what products I will be taking. Please comment with your links if you have done similar posts and if you are going away then have an amazing break!


Thursday, 7 August 2014

Bumble and Bumble: The Surf Set

Hello lovelies,

As mentioned in my previous post I was recently tempted in to purchasing the Surf Travel Set by Bumble and Bumble. The set costs £18 and contains a 50ml bottle of surf spray, a 60ml bottle of surf foam wash shampoo and a 60ml bottle of surf creme rinse conditioner.

Surf Foam Wash Shampoo full size bottles cost £18.50 for 250ml buy here. This smells really lovely, it has a beachy kind of smell but it is far from overpowering. I thought it would foam a little more but it did lather well and not too much product is needed. I have very long hair and used about a cap full. My hair looked and felt really clean and my second day hair felt much cleaner than it would normally, the dry shampoo was redundant. This is a very expensive shampoo but it would be a great for travelling when beachy waves are top of the agenda. 

The Surf Creme Rinse Conditioner costs £20.50 for the full size 250ml bottle buy here. Im not too sure why the conditioner is £2 more expensive. To be honest I'm least happy with this product. The website claims "This lightweight conditioning rinse imparts airy softness and texture" but my hair did not feel soft at all after using this. When the product is in your hair it does feel soft but once washed out I felt as though I hadn't used conditioner at all. Perhaps if you had really naturally greasy hair this would be a good conditioner, but at £20.50 this will not be a re purchase.

The full size Surf Spray is 125ml and costs a whopping £21.50 buy here. Said to give 'Sexy, salty, sun-dried, windswept styles' I can confirm this is the case. I love this stuff. If like me you love the whole I woke up like this hair, but normally spend up to an hour achieving it, this is like a little bottle of awesome. This can be used on damp or dry hair so perfect for making second day curls look tousled and beachy. This is an expensive product but out of all the Bumble bits I've tried this by far the best.
One thing I would note is that this is drying on the hair. Of course salt drys out everything so I really would suggest using a nourishing conditioner and not using this product daily. 

Let me know what you think of these products, and am I the only one who thinks hair products should never be over £15. Would it not be nicer to just go to a salon? I don't know just my thoughts on the ever expensive world of beauty. 


Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Bumble and Bumble: The Ultimate Blow Dry

Hello beauties,

Maybe I have just been watching too many Vivianna does makeup videos but Bumble and Bumble seem to be in the limelight of many rave reviews at the moment. That along with the cute little travel size sets Boots has started placing by the till point I couldn't resist but pick up the Blow Dry set. I may have picked up the Surf Set as well but we'll save that review for another day :)

The Ultimate Blow Dry set retails for £7.50 and contains 30ml of thickening hairspray and 15ml of their straight blow dry balm. 

The Straight Blow Dry balm costs £23 for 150ml buy here. I don't consider myself a pro at anything and blowdrying my hair into any kind of style is really not my forte. Honestly, I haven't managed it yet. Still with my increasingly stubborn curly hair anything with straight in the title is worth a shot. 
Although this smelled rather nice and felt nice on my hair, it did not seam to make a difference to my natural waves. My hair is strait till about my shoulders then it is very wavy and there was no change after using this balm.
It doesn't feel like a heavy serum, it is very light in the hair as though you have applied no product at all. It made my hair feel lovely and smooth and look nice and glossy once it had been straightened, so this product does have its uses.
I would not buy this again but perhaps if you already have relatively straight hair this works well.

The Thickening Hairspray costs £21.50 for the full size 250ml spray buy hereUnlike other hairsprays this is more of a liquid than a mist. I suggest holding this at a 40cm distance from your hair to ensure that it sprays over all your hair and not in concentrated areas.
It works best when applied to damp hair. I applied this in the middle of blow drying my hair as the heat helps the spray thicken your hair. If I have curled my hair I spritz a little of the product through my curls and again give it a quick blast of the hair dryer. this will set the curls perfectly and make them look a little more natural and volumized. If you leave your hair loose over night your hair will keep its curls for second day hair, just run through it with a large comb and hello perfect hair.
I am always sceptical with thickening, volumizing products but this made my hair feel so thick and look so full I was pleasantly surprised. The best thing about this is that your hair does not feel as though it has lots of product in it. It does feel a little dry so I will be using more conditioner when I use this but this is a great product if you love big hair. At £21.50 I would consider buying this again, but maybe use it sparingly just for occasions.

Let me know in the comments if you have tried these products and what your thoughts are.


Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Summer Favourites

Hello beauties,

I thought instead of doing a monthly favorites for June, July and August I would do a collective summer favourites of all my must have beauty products to have to hand in the sun. From tan to lip products here's my summer guide to all things beauty...

St. Tropez Self Tan Express Bronze Mousse This lasts for about a week but does fade a shade each time you shower. I leave it on for 2hours to get a medium tan prior to showering. I find this really sticky and horrible while it's developing but once showered, no smell and and no tan on to clothing or bed sheets makes this a must.
Rimmel Instant Tan Air Brush Effect This is perfect for topping up on your tan as it is soo quick to use. It does have a little tan scent to it but nothing too overpowering.
Rimmel Sun Shimmer Instant Tan Matte I really love the Rimmel wash off tans, they don't rub off on to your clothing, they dry really quickly and they smell nice.
TIP: I always use a mitt to apply my tan but if you do get any patches of tan you want to remove a little baking soda in water or lemon juice will remove it instantly. 

For base it is all about something a little lighter, I have been enjoying:
MAC Face And Body Foundation I mix a little of this in to my body moisturiser when applying it to my legs. Who doesn't like to look airbrushed? Review

Jour Moisture Tints The matte tints are great for preventing shiny skin but the luminous tints will be fine for dry to normal skin. I have been using different shades as my foundations and bronzer/contour. Review

MAC Powder Blush Immortal Flower I think this shade may have been discontinued but any subtle pinky coral just seams to give a natural flushed look without looking like your pink from the heat. 
NARS Blush Sex Appeal Another subtle blush, this time just a baby pink shade. Both blushes are matte which will help to combat any shine you may get from the heat. Review

MAC Frost Lipstick- Angel Simply the perfect summer pink. 
Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm- Complex The perfect handbag product. Matte lips makes any look more sophisticated, and this shade looks great for light to medium skin tones. It is the perfect nude lip for summer.
Laura Mercier Lip Glace- Bare Beige This shade brings out your tan by drawing your attention to the warmer tones in your skin. Review
Lancome Gloss In Love- Peach Show Orange is another great colour to bring out your tan and this subtly bright coral will makes your lips look fuller and beautifully glossed.

Urban Decay Naked Palette I love browns and golds in the summer and I like to keep my make up fairly natural looking. I have just been doing a subtle cut crease with different shades. Naked is great for very subtle eyes, buck is perfect to really define the crease and buck and a tiny bit of half baked or smog looks great for day to night simple eyes. 
realTechniques duo-fiber eye brush this is just the perfect crease brush, dabbing it just lightly in the eyeshadow and just blending in a small amount of shadow is perfect for cut crease eye makeup.

bareMinerals Lash Domination If you didn't know I have fallen in love with this mascara then where have you been. The applicator is amazing and totally unique, it makes your lashes look perfect with no effort at all. Review
Clinique High Impact Mascara I got this free in a magazine and while I do find it a little clumpy, I like to apply one coat of this just on my top lashes and then do a second coat with the Lash Domination mascara. I find using this as a 1st coat just helps makes things look a little more voluminous. 

So these are my current summer faves, I would love to hear yours! Please comment bellow and tell me what your 1 summer must have beauty buy is.