Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Revlon Parfumerie Nail Enamel

Hello beauties,

I'm afraid I have to be a negative Nelly today. I always try to focus on the positives as with most products someone will usually find that they work well for them even if others don't. Lilly Pebbles has raved about these polishes and said how nicely her nails smelt as she brushed her hair etc. (read her review here) As I had never tried a scented polish before I thought they were worth a shot. 

The Scent: Unfortunately when applying the polish the smell is just as chemically as others and I found there to be no smell at all an my nails once it had dried. I thought maybe it is just the China Flower polish so I purchased the Lime Basil polish also; a beautiful shade of green. I did notice a hint of lime to the regular chemical smell when applying the polish, and a subtle smell on my nails for the next 24hours or so, nothing too overpowering.
The Formula: The polish dries relatively quickly and gives a nice glossy finish but I can't tell you how badly this chips. Within a couple of hours of just being at home doing nothing the polish had chipped on a few different fingers. I have tried applying 3 coats, base coats and top coats which does help a little but two days is the most you will get without a chip. The best top coat I found was the BarryM Matte Topcoat. With a layer of this applied the polish lasted about 4 days without any chipping, of course you will loose the glossy finish if you use this topcoat. 
The Applicator: While I love the packaging and the bulbus lid, the brush itself is incredibly slim. I don't have the largest nails in the world and it is still possible to apply it evenly with two coats, however, I do much prefer a larger brush. 

Overall I am not very happy with this polish, the packaging looks lovely and it was a nice idea but I think perhaps a little more focus on the formula was needed. Comment with your thoughts on this polish if you have tried it.