Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Bumble and Bumble: The Ultimate Blow Dry

Hello beauties,

Maybe I have just been watching too many Vivianna does makeup videos but Bumble and Bumble seem to be in the limelight of many rave reviews at the moment. That along with the cute little travel size sets Boots has started placing by the till point I couldn't resist but pick up the Blow Dry set. I may have picked up the Surf Set as well but we'll save that review for another day :)

The Ultimate Blow Dry set retails for £7.50 and contains 30ml of thickening hairspray and 15ml of their straight blow dry balm. 

The Straight Blow Dry balm costs £23 for 150ml buy here. I don't consider myself a pro at anything and blowdrying my hair into any kind of style is really not my forte. Honestly, I haven't managed it yet. Still with my increasingly stubborn curly hair anything with straight in the title is worth a shot. 
Although this smelled rather nice and felt nice on my hair, it did not seam to make a difference to my natural waves. My hair is strait till about my shoulders then it is very wavy and there was no change after using this balm.
It doesn't feel like a heavy serum, it is very light in the hair as though you have applied no product at all. It made my hair feel lovely and smooth and look nice and glossy once it had been straightened, so this product does have its uses.
I would not buy this again but perhaps if you already have relatively straight hair this works well.

The Thickening Hairspray costs £21.50 for the full size 250ml spray buy hereUnlike other hairsprays this is more of a liquid than a mist. I suggest holding this at a 40cm distance from your hair to ensure that it sprays over all your hair and not in concentrated areas.
It works best when applied to damp hair. I applied this in the middle of blow drying my hair as the heat helps the spray thicken your hair. If I have curled my hair I spritz a little of the product through my curls and again give it a quick blast of the hair dryer. this will set the curls perfectly and make them look a little more natural and volumized. If you leave your hair loose over night your hair will keep its curls for second day hair, just run through it with a large comb and hello perfect hair.
I am always sceptical with thickening, volumizing products but this made my hair feel so thick and look so full I was pleasantly surprised. The best thing about this is that your hair does not feel as though it has lots of product in it. It does feel a little dry so I will be using more conditioner when I use this but this is a great product if you love big hair. At £21.50 I would consider buying this again, but maybe use it sparingly just for occasions.

Let me know in the comments if you have tried these products and what your thoughts are.