Friday, 26 September 2014

Review: Topshop Bronzer in Mohawk

Hello Beauties,
I have finally taken the plunge and purchased my first product from Topshop Cosmetics. I have always been a little sceptical about them having beauty products with them being more well known for their fashion, however, I have read a lot of great reviews on their beauty bits so it had to be worth a try.
Topshop have 4 powder bronzers but I would say Mohawk is the most wearable out of the 4. In fact I would say this is a pretty good doop for Benefits Hoola bronzer and it is a fraction of the price. At just £9 I would struggle to justify Hoola's £23.50 price tag.
The shade is a little darker than benefit's Hoola but I think this makes this a mover versatile product. Where Hoola can look a little orange when used as a contour, Mohawk has a more earthy tone to it so looks great as a contour or a bronzer. I also really like using this as an eyeshadow, it looks great as a crease or transition colour as it is perfectly matte.

As regards to the texture there is very little difference. Benefit's Hoola feels velvet like and the powder is chalky; it is very easy to apply too much of this product. Topshops Bronzer has the same chalkiness but is slightly less velvet like in texture. If they were both put in the same packaging I don't think most people would know which is which.

The brushes I use to apply this are the Real Techniques Multi Task Brush; for when I apply this as a bronzer, and the Lancome 25 Cheek and Contour brush (review) for when I apply it as a contour. Like I say this is a chalky powder so you have to tap off excess product off the brush before you apply.
I am so happy with this bronzer, I highly recommend this to everyone. It is rare that you find such a high quality product with such a little price tag, it is definitely one of the best bronzers on the high street! I am also very happy I no longer have to spend £23.50 on Hoola, that means I can buy some more Topshop goodies right? 

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Benefit Hoola £23.50
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