Friday, 30 August 2013

Solar Powder Review

Hello ladies,
I recently bought this Soap & Glory Solar Powder mix and match multi-shade bronzer so I thought I would review it for you lovelies.
It is currently on sale for £8 on, £11 at Boots, so reasonably priced I would say for its quality.
The Good: I love how subtle it is, it allows you to build up the bronze preventing those opps moments; when you put way too much product on your brush and have to take of all your make up. The two shades really compliment one another, I have been using the lighter shade as a more of a powder foundation and then the darker shade as a bronzer. If you have a pale complexion then the two shades would be great for contouring without making any harsh lines.
The Bad: I'm not keen on the packaging, I'm used to the whole retro pin up girl thing Soap & Glory do, but the packaging is really cheap looking on this product; it looks like cardboard covered in paper. All I can say is at least it has a mirror. 
Overall I'm happy with this product, because I travel a lot due to work I kind of like having some products I care less about damaging so the packaging does not bother me to much. The powder I think could look a little cakey if applied too heavily, but this can be prevented by using a duo-fibre brush for application.
I would not buy this instead of my bronzer or powder foundation but if you are a little strapped for cash, or you are caught away from home and in need of a powder and contour then this is a great two in one product.
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Heat Defence...

Hello lovelies,
As you ladies may know I am one of those lucky ladies with naturally curly frizzy hair so no surprise my ghds are my best friend.
We all know too much heat can damage our hair so I do make the effort to just towel/ air dry my hair whenever possible, however, I just cannot bring myself to hang up the straighteners.
I love Tresemme products, they do make my hair get oily faster but they give you volume and shine like you have just come out of the salon. Recently I have neglected my heat defence spray and my hair was looking really frizzy and damaged so when I started using it again I realised just how important it was for my hair.
By simply spritzing this evenly through your hair when wet your hair will look super healthy and glossy.
This product retails around £5 but you can usually find deals in boots such as 3 for 2 on hair care etc. so it is very reasonably priced. Normally I would not be fooled into thinking you have to use the full range for best results, but for some reason my hair does actually look nicer when I use this in conjunction with my Treseme shampoo, so maybe it is worth buying a few products for best results.
This product really has helped me reduce split ends and frizzy, damaged, dry looking hair, so if you too are a heat junkie then give it a go.
Hope this post is useful ladies, if so check out my recent hair detangler review as this Avon product may also help you.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Review: Clayspray

Hello lovelies,
As some of you may know last week I won a twitter competition held by feelunique and got a box of some lush Clayspray products so I thought I would review them for you and let you know if it would be worth a buy.
As you can see the packaging is lovely, it comes with a face cloth, a towel head wrap, a memory stick and four products. The products I got were H2O with green tea water spray, white clay with aloe vera for toning, red clay for mattifying and white clay to refine pores.

Price: The products I got in the set were all 30ml samples, full size items are 125ml, the clays retail at £44.50 and the water sprays retail at £17.50 including delivery from feelunique. The 30ml cans are £15, and can be purchased in sets targeting different elements you may wish to improve on your skin. There always seems to be offers on this brand at so definitely check them out.

Background: The white and red clays are rich in calcium, magnesium and silica which provide benefits such as anti-aging, moisturising, regenerative properties and improved blood circulation.

The clays are prepared using natural mineral water and are therefore ready to use. Clayspray have a world wide patent on their maturation process therefore this really is the only product of its kind across the world.
Comfort; H2O with Green Tea Water Spray This claims to soothe, tone, hydrate and is ideal for normal to combination skin. It also claims to help prevent signs of aging by improving the elasticity of the skin. Now I'm only 22 so I'm not sure about aging but this does leave your skin feeling smoother and fresher. Honestly, I don't think I would spend £17.50 on a can of water, even if it has come from a spring 328 feet at the heart of an Iberian mountain. This does leave your skin refreshed and seams to make mine look more matte, I just feel it is a little expensive for what is essentially water.
Pore Refining White Clay I have only used this once but it makes your skin feel so soft it is lovely. I don't have much trouble with my pores but I did notice a slight difference on my nose. I personally would not buy this one again, but if you are looking for something to exfoliate, smooth and remove impurities then this is better than any cleanser so may be worth you giving it a go.
Toning White Clay with Aloe Vera My boyfriend's face was so happy when he saw this box set, he loves a bit of pruning, as he likes to call it, and this is the clay he selected. This one claims to gently exfoliate, soften and smooth by removing dry skin cells. Seriously ladies you need to try this product out, his skin felt so amazing! I have honestly never felt softer skin even on a baby. I will be buying this clay, it is amazing how well it works, so much better than any other face mask or potions I have tried before. 

Mattifying Red Clay This regulates the oil in your skin while combatting blemishes and purifying; ideal for us oily skinned ladies. I love this product I shall definitely be purchasing it. It does smell at little bit but I've smelt worse clay masks and this one really does leave your skin smooth and matte.
I love these products ladies, I am really happy I won them, honestly I would not have spent that much on clay and water without trying them first but they are such great quality, the results are far better than anything I have used before. I think I may just have to treat myself, and the Mr of course :P

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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

lipstick review: beautifully beige

Hello lovelies,
Recently I have been loving nude lips so I thought I would review some of my favourites for you...

MUA lipstick- 14 bare
This is the cheapest of the lipsticks at just £1, and as with all MUA products the quality is great for the price. This is not a matte lipstick, but far from high shine it is just perfect for its shade I would say. This is a light nude but its not draining at all. The only negative I would say is that it does not have much staying power, re-application is needed a lot. 7/10
Miss Sporty color lipstick- 020 strip tease
This is a very pale lipstick with high shine. I wear this over one of the other nude shades as this can make lips really stand out and shimmer. It is rich in moisture and does not need much re-application when applied as a top coat. However, worn alone this can look a little cheap, its high shimmer means it has little pigment and it can make you look washed out. 6/10

Revlon color burst lip butter- 095 crème brulee
I love this lipstick range; they really do help keep your lips moisturised. This shade is super cute and just makes your lips look really healthy by adding that little sheen. It does not add much colour to your lips but it does not wash you out either. It's a handbag essential, perfect for simple everyday school or work makeup. 9/10

Soap & Glory super-colour fabu lipstick- super nude
I love this lipstick it is perfectly matte, it has great staying power, offers reasonable moisture and it is a near perfect match to my natural lips. This is what every good nude lipstick should be. However, I do realise my lips are naturally quite dark, if you are very pale I do suggest a lighter shade but for me this is my favourite. 10/10
Rimmel moisture renew lipstick 720- notting hill nude
So if you do have a pale complexion then you should definitely try this shade, again it is really natural close to perfect match to my lips. This is not as matte as the Soap & Glory but offers much better moisture for your lips and with little re-application needed, there are not really any faults to this product. Even the packaging is nice. 10/10

MAC- high tea
I can't get this to picture well but I have really fallen in love with this shade. If you haven't bought a mac lippy due to their price then I can assure you they really are amazing quality with great staying power, long lasting moisture and a vast range of shades; you can rely on them to give you what you want. This is the only nude I have of there's, I wanted a glossy looking nude rather than a shimmer or a matte lipstick as I felt that I already had them in my collection, and this is just perfect. 10/10

I hope you liked this post ladies, I think every girl should own a nude shade lipstick, it is a great alternative to lip balms that can often make your hair stick to your lips, so try one of the above lovelies and let me know if you have a different favourite you think I should try.


Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Review: No7 Airbrush Away Primer

Hello lovelies,
I love primers, a good one can make your skin look picture perfect but a bad one is just worthless and can end up clogging your pores, so only use ones recommended to you and look out for ones suited to your skin type.

If you read my  'It's Your Prime' post then you will know my primers of choice are from Smashbox but when I got this No7 Airbrush Away primer sample I had to give it a go as I love so many No7 products I expected it to be good quality.
My first impression of this primer was not good to be honest, as you can see from the picture this is very runny compared to most primers so I didn't think it would create a great base.
I have rather oily skin but it is also very sensitive so some products can give me dry skin if I use them too often. This I would say is OK for ladies with dry skin as it really seams to moisturise your skin, however it only slightly smooth's it out to create a base for foundation, which is what it is deigned to do so no 10/10 for this product.
I definitely do not recommend this to us oily skinned girls, it just does not seam to take to my skin well and makes my foundation look a little cakey compared to usual.
It costs £19.50 for 30ml which is placed mid range of prices from most available. To give you a comparison the Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer that I use is £25 for 30ml but Rimmel's Match Perfection Fix & Perfect Primer is just £6.99 which I would say is a little bit better than this product.
If I am completely honest there I think there are much better primers than this out there but my sister does loves this product so don't let me put you off completely. For reference she has fairly normal skin I would say, it is never dry but can be oily from time to time. No7 products are generally amazing quality, but it is important you get products for your skin type if you want to see their benefits.
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Monday, 19 August 2013

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Hello ladies,
I have recently been nominated by the lovely Amna S.Q for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award:D Thank you sweetie!

So If like me you are new to this award then let me fill you in to the rules as I understand them...
  •   Display the award logo on your blog.
  •   Link back to the person who nominated you.
  •   Share 7 facts about yourself.
  •   Nominate 10 other bloggers for this award and link to them.
  •   Notify these bloggers of the nomination and the award requirements.
Now for the 7 Facts about Me..

1) I am half Spanish on my dads side. I was born in Barcelona, one of the most beautiful cities in the world but my family is actually from Galicia although I don't speak gallego I only speak castellano (the Spanish you may have learnt in school)

2) I am the youngest sibling more commonly known as my naughty little sister. I have two half brothers called Jose and Thesa who live in Spain and a sister called Amanda who I can't seam to get rid of :P

3) I have a vivid imagination and not just my daydreams, I love creative writing like poems and stories and as a child I made elaborate lives for my massive collection of barbies, teddies, dolls etc.
4) I'm a homely girl I don't get out much unless I'm with family or family friends. I love speaking to new people but I prefer creating memories with people that last

5) I am a pescatarian so I only eat fish, no meat products. I love cute little animals, hate animal cruelty but also I don't particularly like the taste or texture of most meats

6) I am a summer baby my birthday is in July and my star sign is cancer, I love this because I get to be the youngest in my school year as well as in my family
7) My favourite colour is gold it goes with just about everything it's is perfect for detailing and accessorising and it is usually shiny :P

Now for my nominations..
Please go visit and follow these ladies blogs and thanks Amna once again for the nomination.

Friday, 16 August 2013

hair detangler review

Hello lovelies,
If like me you were blessed with curly, notty and  easily tangled hair then keep reading. My mum got me this detangling spray from Avon's naturals range for my birthday and it is amazing!
Because my hair is so notty when I have washed it I was getting lots of split ends from brushing my hair. I have tried lots of other detangles, conditioners, leave in conditioners but nothing else has worked so I wasn't really expecting this to. Honestly ladies this is my must have product I have fallen in love with it so next time the Avon lady drops off a catalogue have a flick through for this beauty.
It is scented with apricot and shea which is a beautiful smell that lasts in your hair. It does not seam to nourish at all but I don't care because I can now run my brush from head to tip without being blocked by a not. It also doesn't leave your hair greasy like a lot of similar products do so its perfect.

It states to apply to clean towel dried hair and style as usual. I have used this on 2nd day hair as well and it's fine, again it does not make your hair greasy so don't worry if you are between washes. Also this does not burn your hair if you are using heat to style so perfect!
I would give this product a 10/10 for performance and at £2.50 you can't go wrong. This range is also on a 4 for £5 promotion at the moment! Contact your local representative or look online to get yours today.

favourite perfumes

Hello ladies,
Perfumes are usually the most expensive beauty product we buy so I think its really important that we get ones we love and that are really recognisable as how we smell. I'm not sure if it's just me but smells trigger such strong memories and I always love it when people smell like my parents.
I think because my dad lives in Spain I do tend to like aftershave more than perfume but my boyfriend does not seam to mind that I make sure his collection is a vast as mine. (please note these are my top 4 in no particular order)

Pacco Robanne: Lady Million
This is probably the one I wear most often, definitely a compliment catcher. It costs around £80 per 100ml. It's a floral scent with hints of orange flower, Arabian jasmine and honey. It's really feminine but muskier than other floral scents so maybe not a typical 'girly' smell but its gorgeous. Pacco Robanne's black xs is also amazing but as I haven't repurchased it for a while I didn't add it to the list but definitely worth trying if you're on the search for a new smell.

Lacome: La Vie Est Belle
Ladies you need to try this, it is a super sweet, feminine smell it's beautiful. It costs £93.33 per 100ml (I did not pay this! it was on offer at Christmas in Boots). Annoyingly I also bought this my mother and it smells better on her than me but I still love this.  Similar to lady million it has scents of jasmine sambac, orange blossom and patchouli essence, now that means nothing to me but I can assure you this is lovely and again it guarantees a compliment; perfect for special occasions or romantic meals.

Ghost: Ghost
This retails around £50 per 100ml but it is always on offer somewhere, I'm not sure why, but I will not complain! this is a lovely musty smell that is so strong and gorgeous. The perfume Shop says that its heart notes are jasmine, hibiscus and apricot with top notes of abrette seeds and rose and base notes of sandalwood, vanilla, musk and amber. Maybe my nose is daft but I only really smell the base notes, they also describe it as a floral scent but I would describe this as a feminine musk. Ghost's Sweetheart perfume is also a beautiful smell if you not so much of a fan of musk and fancy something sweeter.
Calvin Klein: CK one
This costs around £37 per 100ml again there are often offers on this so you can get it cheaper. This is a unisex smell which is not common but it works so well. Scents smell so different on everyone so don't be shy of trying this simply because it's unisex. With scents of green tea, bergamot and citrus this is a beautiful fresh smell. I wore this all spring, it's perfectly subtle so although I would not wear it for an occasion it is a lovely everyday scent.

So these are my top 4, I have so (too) many more in my collection but I don't want to bore you :) what are your favourite scents lovelies?
Comment bellow or tweet me if you have any products you would like me to review and if you are looking for gift ideas and would like me do a similar post on aftershaves I will happily do so.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Inner beauty: anxiety

Hello lovelies,
I know I normally post about beauty products but I also want this blog to be about inner beauty... When we feel good on the inside we look better on the outside. I personally feel that you have to feel great about yourself in order to truly look beautiful, we all know stress can cause dry skin, oily skin, breakouts lack of sleep leading to dark circles etc so I thought I would share with you one of my biggest troubles and how I manage to subside it making both my inner and outer self look healthier and happier.
Not all of my friends and family know but anxiety is something that I have had trouble with for years, I have had a few panic attacks over there past 10 years but have also suffered nervousness, night scares and lack of motivation due to this.
Thankfully I have not had a panic attack for over a year, even though I sometimes feel them coming on I am good now at calling my sister or my mum and just having a pointless conversation with them just to keep my mind off my breathing and this seams to work really well.
Although the attacks have subsided I still get really bad anxiety particularly in university. I do like uni and what I'm studying I just think it is the lack of control I have over when I get to speak and a nervousness I get from the possibility of not knowing answers. The logical bit of my conscience tells me that it does not matter and that if I don't know the answer at least I can find it out, but the anxiety has meant that sometimes I say I don't know the answer even when I do in fear that it may be wrong and on bad days I will miss the class completely. I know this just sounds like I am a lazy student but if I explain that I always had 95-100% attendance in school and get up for work every weekend at 4am or 5am to get to work you see I am committed to learning and working.
In my first year of uni I had to get up at 5:30 each morning to travel there but even that was not enough to get me in all of my classes. Although I have far from overcome my anxiety I have learnt that having 1 or 2 people you can speak to when you feel it coming on is a great way of suppressing it for an hour or two.
In college I learnt psychology in which we studied cognitive behavioural therapy, now I haven't been to the doctors or been to therapist but I do think this is a great method of overcoming anxiety. By taking a step back and rationalising where your fear came from and why it is irrational has helped me surpass some of my anxieties.
Over the past 5years I have been able to go to some classes even when my heads telling me to run, stop myself from having panic attacks and cut down the amount of night scars I had, this may not seam like much to most people but for me these are big changes and my skin is much healthier as a result.
I hope this has helped some people realise that anxiety is something a lot of people have and affects people in many different ways. This is not something to be ashamed or embarrassed about. If you also suffer please take my advise and speak to someone close about it; I chose my mum but for you it may be a friend or a therapist, no matter who you choose it will help.
Please comment below if you have also written about your anxiety, I would love to hear your story. And remember a smile is the most beautiful thing you can wear, especially when its a real one!


Hello lovelies,
Sorry I've not blogged for a few days, I went away and then I became ill, but good news is this means I have a haul to post :D
As there was a 15% off promotion I thought it was a good idea to buy a few things from The Perfume Shop. I hadn't actually smelt most of these before so it was a bit of a risk buying them online but the website does say what smells and undertones the perfumes have so if you know what you usually wear then it's relatively easy to guess if you will like it.
You may know I love the Ghost perfume its one of my favourites but my skin seams to only hold on to the same perfume for a day, so if I keep swapping which one I use then the perfume lasts all day. The YSL perfume I am so happy with I didn't know when I bought it but it's one that my mother used too wear so when I smelt it it took me right to my childhood. The two Elizabeth Arden perfumes were 2 for £20 so I figured I may as well give them a go and I love them! I also got 4 samples in the parcel which is great for me, I work away from home so samples are the easiest way of taking perfume with me.

Last week I met up with a friend I have not seen for over a year! we spent most of the time talking of course but I did manage to buy this gorgeous mac lipstick in shade high tea and get a few pairs of earrings from Aldo as well. This lipstick is very similar to my natural lip colour and my everyday lipstick; Rimmel's moisture renew lipstick in 720 Notting Hill Nude, however it has a lovely glossy look to it which I have not been able to find from any drugstore lipsticks. As you can see from the earrings I'm in to turquoise at the moment, it goes well with all my summer clothes and brings out the green in my eyes.
(the missing pair of earrings I gave to my mum, they were green ovals with a gold surround)
In my right ear I have 4 piercings as well as my normal lobe piercing so I like to buy studs that go with the statement earrings I buy. If I cant find studs to match then I make sure that the statement earrings have either gold or silver in them as then I can match them up with plain gold or crystal studs.
Hope you like my buys ladies I highly recommend the YSL perfume if you have not smelt it before it is definitely my favourite purchase.  If you have also written a haul recently comment bellow with your link and I can have a nosey :)


Tuesday, 6 August 2013

simple make up look..

Hello lovelies,
I had a really nice response to my summer natural look post so I thought I would share with you another semi natural look. I've gone for pastel pinks but dramatized it with some falsies so hope you like :)

First of all I prepped my under eyes and lids with the smashbox photo finish hydrating under eye primer. I wanted a really matte foundation for this look so I used Max Factor's miracle touch liquid illusion foundation on top of my L'Oreal true match foundation which I applied using my real Techniques buffing brush. I then went over this with Estee Lauder's double wear stay in place powder make up using my Eco Tools fluffy brush.
For Blush I used Bourjois blush in 16 rose using the applicator it came with and for my contour/bronzer I used Avon's glow, shake and go bronzer, this is a really light dust so perfect for this pastel look.
On my eyes I first applied Bourjois mineral pigment eye shadow in shade 05 all over the lid using the real Techniques deluxe crease brush and then smoked out the creases with Bourjois intense extract eye shadow in 03 using the real Techniques duo-fiber eye brush. For my eye liner I applied a thin line of L'Oreal super liner and then applied my Eylure naturalites 101 false lashes. I then went over my liner again and winged out the edges and went over my lashes with B.All mascara. To fill in my brows I just used a dark brown eye shadow using my Eco Tools angled brush.
Finally I applied my Modelco shine ultra lip gloss in strip tease and straightened my hair using GHDs.
Hope you like this look ladies, send me your links to your recent looks, I always love seeing what products people use. Follow and share if you like this post.


Monday, 5 August 2013

more lipstick? sorry, not sorry!

Hello lovelies,
Thought it was about time I did another post on my favourite thing.. lipstick :)
From balms to tints I just could not leave the house without some product on my lips so seeing as I have done a post on my favourite pink lippies and one on my favourite gloss its about time I showed you some more of my vast collection...
Bourjois rouge edition 03 peche cosy
So I love a bit of coral and I love this lipstick it gives more moisture than a balm and is a really subtle tone perfect for spring or summer it is really feminine and bang on trend. I team this with simple eye looks and use it to add a pop of colour to a simple outfit.
The only thing I don't like is that I can't apply my Lipcote on top of this product; it peels off which I have never have happen to me before. This may be due to how creamy the lipstick is but it means I have to re apply and it stains glasses. I do still love this lippy though, I just have to make sure I put it in my bag when I go out. If you don't use Lipcote anyway then I am sure you will love this lippy. 8/10

B. lipstick rose quartz
B. has a really big range of lipstick colours and this is one of many lush shades available. They are really good quality and I love the packaging. I think it's really cool how you click the bottom to get the lipstick out its like a gadget as well as a product.
It is rich in moisture and as a high pigment so it lasts all day easily with few re-applications. This can be worn with a whole range of make up looks and styles as it is so similar to many natural lip tones but is just that tad more fancy. It is the perfect every day lipstick. 9/10
Rimmel London lasting finish lipstick in 264 coffee shimmer
I love this shade it brings out the bronze in your skin and the white of your teeth, such a bold look without being too daring. It locks in lots of moisture is super pigmented so lasts forever.
This is a great alternative to red as a statement lippy. It can be worn with simple or bold eye looks and as you know brown shades go with nearly every outfit so its a great shade to have. 10/10
No7sheer temptation coral peach
Yes that's right girlies another coral lipstick but look at it! It is so lush and glossy and creamy and feminine and just gorgeous. I got this in my recent Boots haul and have just fallen head over for it, I will definitely be buying some more shades from this range. 

Because it is so glossy this can easily be worn with simple make up to make a statement lip but due to the subtlety of its tone can also be played down by wearing other neutral pastel tones in your outfit. I can't fault this lipstick personally but I do know some ladies are not in to gloss so if you are not then you may not like its high shine, I however most certainly do :) 10/10

Hope you enjoyed this little post ladies, hit the follow button for more ramblings on all things beauty and comment bellow and tell me what your go to lipstick is.


Friday, 2 August 2013

brush on beauty

Hello ladies,
I have been asked a few times which brushes I use for certain things so I thought I would go through all of the brushes I use most days. I do have more brushes in my collection but these are the ones I use the most.
I will use pictures from the internet as some of my brushes have product on from this morning and I'm supposed to be meeting my mother soon(:
For my foundation I have been using the real Techniques buffing brush, this gives such a smooth coverage I have fallen in love with this brush! On days when I am just using a liquid foundation and no highlight or concealer I will use the real Techniques stippling brush but will go over it with the buffing brush to get the perfect finish.
For bronzer I have been using the real Techniques contour brush, I cant find a better brush than this it can create really chiselled cheeks and a soft tint of bronze depending on what look you want; I think every girl should have this brush in her kit.
For blusher I have just started using the real techniques duo-fiber contour brush as it is super light it just gives a tint of natural blush but prior to getting that I used the Barry M powder brush, I tend not to like blush brushes as they apply too much product so most powder brushes are good for this.
For my  eyes I use the deluxe crease brush for applying a base colour to my entire lid and the base shadow brush for applying shadow in the outer creases of my eye, both these brushes are from the real Techniques starter set. I know they are supposed to be used the other way around I just this the base rush is nice and thin and fluffy and therefore better at blending the colour in to creases.

I use the Estee Lauder concealer brush to apply high pigmented colour or eye dusts to my lid, I think contour brushes are good at this as they can hold more product and prevent smudging or dust falling on to your cheeks.
I don't tend to use any other brushes on a daily basis for my lids however I do use the Eco Tools angled brush to fill in my eyebrows. This is a really thin steady brush and much better than the real Techniques one in my opinion which I find too thick for my brows.

For my powder foundation I use the Eco Tools large powder brush I love how soft it is and how much product it can hold. This is another must have brush, I have the real Techniques one and one from Estee Lauder but this is always the one I reach for in the morning I just love it.
Like I said earlier, I do use a lot more brushes than this but these are my most regularly used. I hope this has been helpful for you lovelies, comment bellow if you like 'what I use' posts or if you would prefer more reviews. And please follow and share if you like my blog. Thanks for reading:)


Thursday, 1 August 2013

July favourites

Hello lovelies,
My birthday was in July so I have quite a few favourites this month due to the fact I have had money to try out new things and have just generally have been in a better mood :D
My top favourite is not actually a beauty product. This blazer from River Island is just lush I am head over heals for it. It was £40 and is just super sleek and perfect for summer it is such a light cotton material and is nice and loose fitting with a gorgeous vintage-esque print. I found a few blazers of a similar style in H&M for around £20 so go have a look if you want a cheaper version but I just fell in love with this one. Thank you grandma for my birthday money :P
My next favourite is a beauty product. If you have read my mascara review then you will know I really like the Maybelline one by one volum' express mascara. This month I think I have used this nearly every day, it's the one I chose to take with me on holiday, I think its just really reliable in that you know exactly what your lashes will look like, there is the same amount of product on the applicator every time you use it without having to wipe it. I just love this!
In third is the MUA liquid liner, again if you have been reading my blog you know I love this. I use this all the time it is so precise and so matte and only £1 it is just a must have in my opinion.
In fourth is Avon Naturals Detangling spray which my mother got me for my birthday. It is apricot and shea which smells more than amazing and the best thing about it is it actually works! I have such tangled hair when I wash it as it is super curly so this is a great product for me. It makes your hair feel nice and soft and shiny without making it greasy so look out for this product girls I think its great.
Next up is my Revlon Colorburst lipstick in crème brulee. I love this range they lock in so much moisture and the colours look lovely. One application gives subtle colour and simply apply more for a more rich shade. I use this as a lip balm now its just my handbag must have.
Another product I have been loving is Olay's complete care plus touch of foundation. I hate wearing sun cream on my face as it makes it really oily so having SPF15 and a moisturiser and a foundation all in one is great for me. I do have to touch this up with my foundation on places I want extra coverage but I just love this product for summer.
My favourite fragrance at the moment is Ghost; ghost, I love this perfume anyway but I just think it smells even stronger and nicer in the sun. My sister got me a new bottle of it for my birthday so I have worn it every day since :)
My final favourite is a little bit cheesy but its so true so I'm going put it out there. My family :D I have spent so much more time with them this summer, now that uni has broken up, and I honestly think it has put me in a better mood. They really help me to relax and feel confident in myself, my mother particularly is great at calming me down and helping me resolve stresses and my skin is actually looking clearer as a result. I defiantly think that you need to sort your inside out before you can look your best on the outside and if that means family holidays then who am I to say no :P
Hope you have enjoyed this post ladies, send me your favourites links if you have one I love trying out recommended products and don't forget to follow and share.

realTechniques duo-fiber collection: first impression review

Hello lovelies,
If you read my previous post you will know I bought the Real Techniques duo-fiber collection of brushes on Tuesday so as promised here is my review of these three brushes.
Now I have only used them 3times but it does not take too long to decide whether you like a brush or not so keep reading if you are thinking about buying this collection. This set is £23.99 in boots and $20 on the real techniques website. 
The face brush I have to admit I was a little disappointed with
when I first used it, some of the bristles just fell off when I put it in my powder and on my face. This has never happened to me with this brand before so I was a little surprised however this has not happened since so hopefully it was just a few strays and this will not happen again. These brushes are super soft so does feel amazing when applying your powder, however I kind of do prefer a more sturdy brush such as the eco tools powder brush. I have used it with three different powder foundations and I think this brush is great for really good matte powders or dusts however if you have a powder that you like to layer up to create a matte effect then I suggest not using this brush. 7/10

The contour brush I have only used once for my contour and really did not like it, again I prefer a more sturdy brush and the real techniques regular contour brush is perfect. However, I love this brush as a blush brush, as I mostly use bronzer and only a little dust of blush on the apples of my cheeks this is a great shape and the duo-fiber prevents there being too much product so if you have this collection or you plan on buying it then you should definitely try using this for your blush. 8/10

The eye brush is by far my favourite in this collection it is amazing. I love the starter set and the base shadow brush is great for blending however this brush is even better at it. Again the duo-fiber prevents there from being too much product on the brush and its size allows for excellent precision. 10/10

I love real Techniques, I have all of there other brushes and love every single one of them so I had expected the quality of this collection to be just as good but as you can see this was just not the case. Based on how much I think I will use them I would probably say that your better off just getting their regular brushes, if you have not done so already. This collection does not really do anything that the rest of the brushes cannot do better.
The packaging is not that nice, however, it comes in a foam surround so the brushes are nicely protected. It would be nice if they were in one of the black cases  (as pictured) like the other collections have as it is nice to have something to protect your brushes when you travel.
All in all I do think these brushes are ok and I will use them but I am a little disappointed purely on the basis that I would give all of the other real techniques brushes 10/10.
I hope this has been useful ladies. Let me know what you think of these brushes if you have them. Follow and share if you like this post and visit again tomorrow to see all the brushes I use to apply my make-up every day.