Tuesday, 16 September 2014

The Best Of... Powder Bronzers

Hello lovelies,

Time for a little series of posts me thinks :) The Best Of... can be any product you like so while I do have a few lined up if you have anything in particular you want to know my top picks of please comment below.
As summer has well and truly come to an end I thought I would kick things off with my fave powder bronzers. My top picks for days I choose not to embrace the Snow White look.
These are the products I only use as bronzers, that's on the high points of my face. When looking for a bronzer red/orange undertones are better in order to create a natural looking sunkissed bronzed look. It is also ok to have a little bit of shimmer in there. This would not be the case for a contour product, these need to be slightly more ashy and shimmer is a no no, contouring is all about creating shadows. 
At £7.99 this is the cheapest of my picks. This is the lightest shade they do and it is probably a little too dark if your are porcelain, however if you have some warmth in your skin already this may be the one for you. The velvet like powder keeps your base matte and in place all day, for my full review click here.
Jouer is a firm favourite of mine, everything I have used from the brand is excellent quality and very long lasting. Retailing at £22 this is a high end product, but price aside this is a lovely product with the much loved Jouer interlocking packaging. There is only one shade available, so while pale to the darker medium skin tones would look great with this powder, darker skin tones would be better using a brand with a more extensive shade range.
Retailing at £11 this will not break the bank and with two shades your really can't go wrong with this product. Okay so the packaging is far from fancy, but the powder itself is perfect for keeping your base in place and giving you the summer glow you long for in the colder months. The paler shade has a subtle shimmer and works great as a soft highlight for darker or more tanned skin tones. The darker shade is fully matte and can be used as a contour if wanted. Personally I love to swirl my brush over both sides and dust a little as a bronzer. I find this gives the perfect shade and finish for my skintone as it  creates a natural healthy glow.

I use a few different brushes for my bronzer but I'd say my most used would have to be the realTechniques Multi-Task brush. I feel this is a great size and shape and the soft long hairs allow for buildable application.

Let me know your fave powder bronzers and what brushes you like to apply it with, I love trying out your suggestions.