Friday, 19 September 2014

The Best Of... Mascara

Hello beauties,
While mascara looks different on everyone dependant on their natural lashes I have tried to pick three I think should work well regardless of lash type. I would say though lashes are something a lot of us neglect, ensure to always remove mascara fully in the evening and apply a little oil to the lashes to moisturise them from time to time. 
Here I have the waterproof version, if I am honest I prefer the regular black version of this as the formula is better at giving maximum volume. They also do a dark brown shade of this mascara so if you have light hair then this may be more suited to you. The False Lash Effect range has been a firm favorite of mine for years, the brush is just great at gripping on to your lashes, it coats them in just the right amount of mascara creating perfect non-clumpy volume, while lengthening  and curling too. This mascara is also a steal at just £10.99, do we need anything else? Well let me introduce you to the rest of my dream team.

Retailing at  £14.50 this is actually fairly cheap for a high end product. Personally I only use this for my bottom lashes, the wand lengthens and defines to perfection and gives a gorgeous 60's vibe. As my top lashes are fairly thin and long I would only use this for a soft romantic look lash, if you are after any volume then this is not the mascara to use. Having said that if you have very thick or very short lashes then this may be your new best friend. see full review
The pièce de résistance of my little dream team. Have you ever seen such a beautiful applicator? This may be the most expensive of the three at £17 (currently £14.95 at feelunique) but you can  just see a lot of thought went in to designing it and I can assure you it pays for itself. Swirl the wand as you apply and it will grip on to each lash giving an even coat of product while curling and lengthening them. Not only that, due to the shape of the wand if you want to go back in with a second coat, whether the first coat has dried or not, it will not clump or flake, it will simply add the extra volume you intended to create. see full review

So these are my top three which I use every day together or individually. I have trialed my fair share of mascaras and I can confidently say these three will work miracles no matter what your lashes are like naturally. Some combination of the three will give you your desired look.