Thursday, 4 July 2013

Mascara review: helping find the right one for you

Hello lovelies,
I think most of us would agree that mascara is one of the most important elements of our make-up, but with so many on the market it can be so hard to find the perfect one for us.
Some mascaras may be amazing for one girl and rubbish for another; we all have different lashes, some girls have super curly, some have gorgeous thick lashes and some have lovely long lashes, if you think you have none of these than chances are no matter how good the mascara you find you will probably be more satisfied with a pair of falsies than attempting to layer your mascara and end up with clumpy lashes but there is always something on the market for you that will help to showcase what you naturally have.
I am blessed with long lashes with a reasonable thickness and a reasonable curl, but I have used so many mascaras that I dislike. Here are 7 mascaras I think offer everything you ladies will need, the rating is how good I think they are for my lashes but I will also comment who I think they may be a 10/10 for.
1) Rimmel London day to night mascara £7.99: I love this applicator I think it is the best idea and I cannot understand why there are not more mascaras like this. One of my pet hates is having too much product on the applicator not only does it increase the chances of smudging but it makes lashes look so clumpy and fake. I personally think that a thin natural effect pair of false lashes is much more attractive than clumpy lashes and I have never seen a model or celebrity made to have clumpy lashes so I think the beauty industry would agree with me. By having the option of the day applicator and the night applicator it allows you to build on your product, it takes off the excess better than any other mascara out there. I think this product would be good for all lash types. 9/10

2) L'Oreal Paris volume million lashes £10.99: For you girls with long lashes like me this may not be the mascara for you. When I hear volume I think thickness not length but this mascara just gives me the longest spidery thin lashes ever. Having said that I love to apply this over false lashes and if you have thick lashes then this will be perfect for you. I like the applicator I think the rubbery applicators do tend to apply better than bristles as they hold less product allowing you to build on your mascara to get your desired look. 5/10
3) Maxfactor masterpiece waterproof high definition mascara £8.99 : So I don't love this mascara for me, it makes my lashes long and thin again but it fans them out beautifully and does look gorgeous on bottom lashes. Its thin rubbery applicator really does define your lashes so I'm happy that it actually does what its name states. This is the perfect mascara for girls with thick lashes any length. 8/10
4) Rimmel London scandaleyes mascara £6.99: So the price is good but honestly I am not a total fan of this product, The applicator has long bristles and the product seams thicker than others, the tube does not seam to wipe of any excess product, all in all this is just not the one for me. If you wipe off all of the excess then it does make your lashes long and thick but I an not keen. 3/10
5) Maxfactor False Lash Effect mascara £10.99: I love this mascara the applicator has short thin rubbery bristles which is perfect for creating long curls and as the applicator does not hold too much product you can really apply it a few times and develop thicker lashes as desired without them looking clumpy. This is perfect for all girls I would say as it targets length, curl and volume. 10/10 
6) B.All lengthening defining & volumising mascara £6.66: I have only started using this recently and I love it, it is a great price and it is vegetarian/vegan friendly which is always a plus for me. It rely does lengthen your lashes without making them look spidery as for volume, it does not overly make them thicker and I would not suggest applying more than three times as it can look clumpy however I would probably say this is the best bristle applicator mascara I have tried. It is a great product for girls with medium to thick lashes that want to add length and a little curl. 9/10
7) Maybelline one by one volum' express mascara £7.99: This is a recent buy but I have worn it every day since I bought it, it lengthens and curls your lashes beautifully, it separates your lashes but still provides volume without making your lashes clumpy. This has the best tube as it is thin at the top which grips the applicator when you want to use it wiping off all the excess product. I would say this is perfect for girls with short or medium length lashes that are reasonably thick. 9/10
Ok so a little bit of a long blog today ladies but your eyes really help to bring out your personality so it's really important that they look as natural as possible but that you still feel satisfied that they are long, volumous and curltastic.
I hope this has helped you girlies, I think the best advice I can give you is to ensure that you wipe off excess mascara from the applicator and blink the mascara on to your lashes (hold the brush still and blink). Always ensure that you remove your mascara each night, I also wipe a small amount of olive oil 3-4 times a week using my ring finger on to my lashes to keep them nice and smooth and healthy which will also help make mascara slide on and sit beautifully on your lashes. Other than that it's really about considering what you want to achieve and what brush is better at achieving it.
please comment if you have a favourite mascara you think I may like.