Thursday, 25 July 2013

beautiful skin...

Hello lovelies,
Thought I would share one of my favourite finds with you guys; Olive Shower Gel from The Body Shop.
As with all Body Shop products this is vegetarian friendly and fair trade; no animal testing and the olives are from family farmers in Italy.
This is soap free therefore I always use soap before using this product to make sure I'm clean :) Olive oil has so many good properties and its silky quality makes it the perfect remedy for dry skin and if you also have sensitive skin then you will be happy to know it can reduce risk of allergic reactions as it is usually the perfumes added to products that cause these reactions this is a great alternative.
The instructions state not for facial use and to avoid contact with eyes so if you are suffering from dry skin on your face then moisturiser is still probably the best solution for you but I cant stress enough just how well this has worked on my legs. I had such dry skin even though I apply cream twice a day, this has meant that my legs are whiter than white, but since using this my skin is much healthier and I have a distinct hint of beige on my legs now :P I'm not saying chuck away the moisturiser and fake tan but this has worked for me so its definitely worth a try.
Now from looking online I think they may have updated this product since I purchased it so this is the new packaging, it is £4 and now called olive bath shower gel/cream.
Although I love this product I do have some little tips for you lovelies should you not wish to purchase it. Adding a few drops of olive oil to your bath water will also do the same trick if done regularly, just make sure there are no other products in the water and you should get the silky soft skin you desire :) You can also simply rub the oil on to a specific area and just wash of with water after a few minuets. A tip someone told me was to put oil on your hands or feet before bed and put on gloves or socks to let it soak in over night, I personally have not tried this as I fear waking up with oil everywhere and it does stain but I'm assured it works if you want to give it a go.
Hope this has been helpful to you girlies, comment and share if you like this kind of post and I will try to do some more for you.