Monday, 1 July 2013

What’s In your Bag?..

Hello ladies,
One of our biggest downfalls can be how nosey we are but blogs are one of those safe havens where you can be as nosey as you like! so with that said here is a little sneak peak at my handbag and how much I carry around with me :)
The Bag: I love this Ted Baker bag as I love black & gold and all things patent. I love the fabrics they put inside their bags, they are super cute and make them stand out from other bags on the market. I have had this bag for about a year so cannot remember the exact price but think it was around £150 maybe a little more or less, I tend not to remember when I feel guilty about the price :P

The Purse: My Jasper Conran purse was around £30 I think in a 20% discount or something promotion at Debenhams (I have such a bad memory/I buy too much to remember) I like to match this purse with the bag as I think the Ted Baker purses cost too much to buy one and still have money to put in them but I have an obsessive compulsive kind of rule that I have to match everything I have on me with at least one other thing and lets face it I'm not going to be wearing a patent skirt or anything so a purse or some pumps is usually how I tie in my bag into my outfit :)

I always carry with me a little comb or brush dependant on my hair style, and my must have is a pack of Kleenex tissues, I don't think I have ever gone a day without using them. the comb was about 50p and the tissues I buy in multipack so was about 30p

I always have my railcard with me as I live in Huddersfield but work in Manchester and I can't yet drive. It only costs £30 and has saved me so much money!

I always have my IPhone 4s and its cute little red holder, I tend to wear dark colours a lot so a funky phone case is an easy way to put across your personality. The case cost about £15 and the phone is worth about £400.

So as I mentioned I live in Huddersfield which I think gets more rain than the rest of the UK/World so my umbrella is probably my most essential item here. I'd even go as far as to say I'd rather have my brolly than my phone :O (scary thought I know) I think this cost me about £8 from Boots.

My Perfume: Lady Million by Paco Rabanne, think this was about £50 and oh my gosh I am so in love with this smell! I get so many compliments when I wear it and I just love it, it lasts all day and is almost intoxicating :)

My Makeup: The little make up bag was a freebie when I purchased some No.7 products and I normally only carry around a couple of bits of makeup I think I may need to touch up throughout the day. My Double Wear stay in place powder by Estee Lauder was £27.50 and I don't tend to touch up much as its so good but I like to have a mirror so usually will have this or maybe a bronzer depending on my makeup look. The B.All mascara costs £6.66, the Super Liner by L'Oreal costs £5.49 and the Revlon colorburst lipstick in 095 crème brulee costs about £8, these are some of my favourite products so I may change the mascara but I will always have these in my bag.

Total cost= £733.25 
jeje oops, so I could have gone for a cheaper bag but this is the bag I mostly use so I wanted to be true to my normal day. Obviously my phone was going to boost up the total cost but overall I think I have done rather well. I would much rather carry a book than a Kindle and I'd rather have an IPhone that a phone and an IPod, I'm not big on technology so you always only find simple items in my bag but to be honest, I'd rather spend the money on the bag than the things in it :P

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