Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Boots haul...

Hello ladies,
I went on a little shopping spree yesterday as I needed some new foundation so as per usual I spent way to much but as a defence I have saved up a lot of points so some of these items I paid nothing for :D

The Real Techniques brushes I have been wanting to buy for a while but was not sure I would like the due-fibre, seeing as I had a load of advantage points to spend I figured I would give them a go so maybe do a review of these soon for you lovelies.
No7 had a promotion on to buy 2cosmetics and get a free gift so seeing as I wanted a concealer anyway, as I had run out of mine, I thought I would get this Coral Peach lipstick as well. The free gift items are really good, my favourite is the lip gloss it looks so nice over the lipstick I got so I'm really happy with this.

If you read my blog regularly you will probably have gathered by now that I love this foundation, it is not super matte so I do mix my foundation but it is great for the apples of my cheeks and forehead where I don't need as much coverage. As there was a 3 for 2 promotion on I also got this eye shadow quad that I have had my eye on for a while and this lip tint. Lip tints are great for when it is mega windy as you can have a really nice pop of colour on your lips without your hair becoming glued to your mouth as with glosses and lipsticks.

I got found this BarryM sharpener which I have needed for a while so glad I finally got one. My favourite colour this season has to be coral I have so many makeup products, nail polishes and clothes that are coral but while walking past the Natural Collection stand I saw this nail polish and just could not resist it is such a cute shade and goes really well with my new lipstick. This also brings me on to the last thing I got which was a No7 lip liner, while walking to the till I figured I would have a look at all the brands for a lip liner that goes well with my coral and peachy tone lipsticks and this is the best I could find. Its not orange in the slightest, its shade melon, but I do think it will go well with all the lipsticks I want it to so I'm really happy with this find.

So that's all my buys ladies, comment your links if you have done a haul recently and let me know if you have a liner you like to use with your coral lippy so I can give it a try :) follow and share if you like my blog and let me know if you want a review of any of these products.