Tuesday, 23 July 2013

MUA favourites

Hello ladies,

MUA boast such affordable products but still maintain such high quality so I had to dedicate a blog to them. As a teenager I was obsessed with the Natural Collection at Boots for the exact same reason but when I got a job and started earning I started using more expensive brands. Now I have discovered MUA I feel that with most of their products I am not having to compromise quality for budget so with that said here are my favourites from the products they offer.
The Undress Me Too palette is my top favourite. The eye shadows are so pigmented and the shades are all really complementary of each other. This is a good doup for the Naked 2 palette, but its also just a really good starter palette. When I look at cheaper brands I always look at them from a younger girls perspective as I feel they are the main audience they will be selling to, MUA have managed to target a much wider and older audience too due to good packaging and great quality, but for me it is really important that the cheaper brands are good for girls just starting to test out makeup styles. I think the whole range is perfect for this as they offer such a lot of natural and pastel shades with just the right amount of daring colours available. This allows the younger customer to see how good natural makeup can look as everyday wear as well as being school appropriate.
My personal favourite shades are Reveal and Devotion but I am also in love with the matte shades in the palette it is so hard to find a mixed palette of matte and shimmer shades these days so I really do love this one.

The Liquid liner has actually strayed me away from my all time fave Superliner by L'oreal. The applicator is so slim and so precise it is perfect for creating a clean line and thin wings. It looks shiny in the picture as it is still a little wet but unlike other liquid liners it looks nice and matte when dry. The only thing I would say is that if you wear it all day and then in to the night it goes a little bit crumbly. I would suggest only using this for a 9hr stint or so, any longer it does feel a little tight and begin to crack, don't let this put you off though, it costs £1 so having to reapply in the evening is not too bad after all!

The Glitter eyeliners are one of my favourite products for the summer they are such good quality. Again these do crumble after long wear but the applicators are nice and thin and sturdy allowing for precise application. I personally wear these on my lid above my liquid liner or on my lower lash line as this really catches the light and opens up your eyes. There are other colours available, which I also have :P, but I think the gold and silver just look good with every eye look.
My final favourite is the Heaven and Earth palette as you can see I'm all about natural earthy shades and this shimmer palette is full of them :) The shades are great for creating brown smoky eye looks and as with all of MUA's products they are all super pigmented.
Hope you like this post ladies, comment bellow with your MUA favourites or your blog links; I always like a good read :) Get your products now and get free delivery till the 30th July http://www.superdrug.com/search?q=MUA