Monday, 18 May 2015

Bobbi Brown Full Coverage Face Brush

I have been swooning over this brush for so long, I love my Real Techniques brushes but I was in need of a new blending brush so thought I would make the splurge. This retails for £30, the real techniques blending brush comes in the Core Collection with 4 brushes for £21.99 (buy here) but the blending brush is the only brush I use in the set so an extra £8 is not sooo bad (pats self on the back for being so convincing).
The hairs of the brush are really densely packed, medium length and come to a round flat end. That's nothing really new to any other blending brush I have tried, but what sets this brush apart from others is just how soft the hairs are. I use a lot of different brands brushes, both high and low end, and have never felt anything so soft. If you have skin that irritates easily, or just find blending brushes a little harsh on your skin then I definitely suggest giving this a try.
If you too full coverage, matte finish foundations like Double Wear You will know it takes quite a lot of blending for it to look really natural. Previously I had to use the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush and then the Buffing Brush to get the finish I like, but this brush makes any foundation look seamless. I also love the plastic cover it comes in, it's probably meant to be thrown away but if you keep it clean its great for keeping it in your make up bag. Buy here