Monday, 25 May 2015

L'Oreal Lumi Magique Primer

Its coming up to summer and while I love a matte foundation, a little bit of a glow is almost mandatory in the hotter months and here is something I have been loving while my completion still resembles snow white's.

Although sold as a primer, as lumi would suggest, this is a light reflective product. I personally like to use this as a highlighter over my foundation, but it can be used underneath if it's the 'glow from within' you are after.
As a primer this makes your skin look a little alien like and shimmery before you apply your foundation; this definitely could not be worn alone. Once your foundation is applied however, your skin does appear to look a little more dewy and glowing. I would not say it is a magic product that cures the look of hangovers, and it doesn't have any of the qualities I look for in a primer; your makeup doesn't last longer, it doesn't even out your pores, and it doesn't create a smooth base to apply your makeup on top of. But it does add that little extra something that makes skin look more youthful. 

As a highlighter over foundation this has the most beautiful iridescent sheen to it, but it is completely non glittery with a non sticky formula. Just a tiny amount of product shared between your ring fingers and tapped lightly on to your upper cheek bones will just give you such a beautiful glow. It really picks up the light, and if your skin is still pale then these more white or silvery highlighters will make it appear much more natural than one that is gold toned. 

At just £9.99 this is a great alternative to Benefit's High Beam that costs £19.50, and if you are not much of a foundation wearer just add a pump into your tinted or un-tinted moisturiser and you're good to glow go. Buy here