Tuesday, 9 July 2013

natural makeup look

Hello ladies,
I love really natural make up so here is a simple neutral look you can pull off everyday...

Hair: First tip I would give for a classic natural look is curly hair, whether you have natural waves or silky straight hair all girls look lush with a few twists. Two simple ways I achieve this are, firstly, braiding my hair when damp and spritzing it with a little spray gel giving it a rest from the heat, and secondly using big heated curlers on dry hair spritz a small amount of hair spray and leave in for 10mins as I have done in the above picture.

Face: The most important thing for natural looking foundation is to not wear too much, if you can get away with a tinted moisturiser then perfect, as I currently have a few breakouts I have gone for the Revlon pohotoready foundation. No matter what you are using try to get it as close to your natural skin colour as possible, if you want to look a little tanned then simply add a little bronzer on your contour.
A problem I often see is girls that have been out in the sun and have caught a really gorgeous tan but are still using the same shade foundation. Always remember to match the shade to your current colouring. A cheap way to do this is to buy one foundation 2-3 shades darker than your current foundation, then as you get darker just add a little of the darker colour to your normal foundation.
Powder foundation is the key to beautiful matte skin, I have such shiny skin after a couple of hours outside a little powder compact is my best friend just to lift that shine. Here I used my ecotools powder brush and applied Estee Lauder's double wear powder all over my tee zone.

Eyes: Firstly I used Smashbox photo finish lid primer on my lids to keep this a really matte natural look. I use this as more of a highlight on my lid under eye and a line down the centre of my nose as it really gives you a refreshed look.
I then used the obsessed shade from MUA's undress me too palette and my ecotools brush to fill in my eyebrows. I used MUA's liquid eyeliner to create a really precise line of medium thickness with a small flick. Finally I used my B.All mascara to create thin long lashes.

Lips: As I wanted this look to be only neutral shades I chose to use two lipsticks together. First I applied Revlon's colorburst lipstick in crème brulee and then applied a little of Miss Sporty perfect colour lipstick in strip-tease which provided a little extra sheen.

Hope you have enjoyed this post, please comment if you would like more of this type of blog, or if you have any blog you would like me to do I am always trying to think of ideas you ladies might like.