Friday, 12 July 2013

jolly holiday makeup...

Hello lovelies,
I will be going on holiday for the next 10days so will not get chance to upload any posts in that time but will be jotting down some new ideas while I am away so should have a new post every day when I get back :)
Before I go thought you may be interested to see the makeup I will be taking with me. I shall be on my jollies in England so seeing as the car will be full I am only taking basic makeup that is relatively low cost, just in case of any damage I would hate to have my expensive eye shadows crack etc.

So as you can see I have only gone for natural colours except for my coral lipstick which I am taking to match some jewellery and jeans I have packed. I have gone for a mix of real techniques and ecotools brushes as I am only taking the ones I could not apply my makeup without.
My Olay touch of foundation is probably the most important product as this will be the only moisturiser I am taking, however I will be applying sun cream each day also so felt it would be ok to have a weeks rest from all my lotions and potions :)
For more product information or reviews please check out my other blog posts as most of these items are featured. Hope you all have a lovely week in the sunshine.