Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Review: e.l.f studio blush

Hello ladies,

As you can probably tell from recent posts I am loving blusher at the moment, I tend to wear blusher more often in the colder months as I tend to blush more naturally so this keeps my makeup looking more natural also.

This blush is from the e.l.f. studio range, it costs £3.75 for 4.75g which is a great price for its quality. I think you will agree the packaging makes the product look a lot more expensive than it is. It comes with a mirror on the lid as well which is great as a lot of blushers don't.
I have plenty of blushers I do realise but I wanted a more shimmery looking one and I had seen some youtubers using this so knew I would like it. Hopefully you can tell from the swatch above this has a lush sheen to it which makes it look more blended in when using highlighters such as Benefits high beam, which also have a sheen.

It does not have a very high pigmentation but its consistency is more chalky than powdery so just a small amount will be enough to provide a lovely subtle blush. In the picture I just swiped a little product on my finger and then on to my arm. I find it really difficult to find subtle blushers so I had to show you just  how lovely this is.

I have a couple more e.l.f. products I will be reviewing this month as well as some Benefit and bareMinerals goodies so hit follow to be updated :)