Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Review: Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayon

Hello lovelies,
I love a good lip product but for some reason I had never tried one in chubby stick form (hangs head in shame).
Everyone raves about Clinique chubby sticks but I couldn't justify spending £17 on something I had not tried before, so thought I would get a drug store alternative.
Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayon shade 4 Peach On The Beach
Price: £7.99 (buy here)
Good: This shade is perfection! It is an almost luminous coral orange, braver than the normal nude lip but perfect for spring.
The reason I chose this over similar drugstore products was its glossy look. In fact it almost looks like a gloss, but instead of feeling sticky this is like melted butter.
I love that this has an SPF of 15. It is so important to protect your lips but lets face it, sun cream tastes yuk and hardly any of us use SPF lip balm. I think all lipsticks should have sun protection.
Bad: These are not very long lasting, the intense moisture and full pigment lasts about half an hour. The product lasts a approximately 2hours before re-application is needed; not 10hours as the packaging states. I would also suggest only applying one coat, if you try to apply another its glossy texture will actually wipe away some of the pigment. One coat is enough though, any more and your lips may feel a little greasy.
I am also not a massive fan of how massive they are. lipsticks are nice looking and compact, where as these are not so luxurious looking and not overly travel friendly. Annoyingly, due to it's lack of staying power you will have to try and fit this in your travel make up if you have any plan to wear this all day.
As a side note, I cannot find a lip liner to match this shade anywhere. I personally don't mind, I use this kind of as a lip balm, but I know this may be a down side for some.
I guess it is a bit of a personal preference with this product, while the colour is beautiful and the creamy texture is lush I am not really a fan of it's crayon like appearance or size. I would say it is a cute spring summer purchase, but as lip products go there are much better all year rounders.
Let me know what you think of chubby sticks, have you tried this one