Thursday, 19 December 2013

Review: The Body Shop Vitamin E range

Hello lovelies,
For those of you that don't know I have combination skin but my dry skin can be really painful and tight sometimes, particularly in the cold weather. I have used many different oils and creams over the past few years and have recently looked into using vitamin E products.
Benefits: Vitamin E is great for our health but not many people know just how good it is at looking after our skin. It has anti-aging benefits as it helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Lotions containing vitamin E also hold some benefits in preventing and treating sunburn, by protecting the epidermis layer of your skin from ultra violet light damage. Creams containing the vitamin have also been promoted for the treatment of scaring from surgery, acne and stretch marks. It also helps maintain the skins oil balance. Vitamin E can be taken orally and holds many health benefits, however if you are looking to improve your skin, using lotions etc. are a better for allowing the vitamin to be absorbed by the skin and allowing you to apply it where you feel you need its benefits.
Moisturising Cream: This costs £10 for 50ml;  buy here. I was a little disappointed initially as this cream does not have a nice smell, it does not smell bad but I am so used to Body Shop products smelling lush that it is noticeable. Fortunately the cream itself is amazing, it is moderately thick and soaks in to the skin in an instant. It makes your skin feel really nourished and smooth and I have noticed that my skin has been much healthier since using this.
Cream Cleanser: This costs £8 for 200ml, and is also available in 60ml bottles for £2.50; buy here. This smells and feels like baby lotion, again it is relatively thick for a cleanser but it soaks up instantly. I love this cleanser, my skin is left looking clean, fresh and healthy. I have used other cream cleansers of similar quality but I think the combination of this product with the toner does give you beautiful skin.
Hydrating toner: This also costs £8 for a 200ml  buy here but can not be bought in a 60ml bottle which is a little annoying if you wanted to use these while traveling. This is unlike any other toner I have used, it also smells like baby lotion and instead of drying out your skin it too makes it feel nourished. After using this I don't feel the need to use a primer on my skin it just leaves it feeling lovely and smooth. This is defiantly worth a try, I will be repurchasing this.
I am really happy with the three products I chose, I have noticed a vast improvement in my skin compared to last winter. My skin is much less oily around my tee zone and I have not had trouble with the dry areas of my face and my hands since using the cream.
The Body Shop has a massive Vitamin E range these are just three products I knew I would use every day so I wanted to try these first, I will certainly be buying some more products from the range. Let me know if you use any of these products if you think I should try them or if you want me to review something.