Thursday, 5 December 2013

Review: Benefit They're Real mascara

Hello lovelies,
I have heard so many positive reviews of this  mascara, ladies with all kinds of lashes saying they love what it does, so seeing as I am a mascara junkie I had to test the hype...
Price: £19.50 for standard size (there are various promotional offers available as this product is so popular so ask in store before you buy for the best deal)
Good: This fans out your lashes and elongates them perfectly. One coat makes them look really long. From close up your lashes look stunning with this mascara. With really simple elegant makeup this can look really effective. I personally wear this with just a light dusting of darkhorse from the Urban Decay Naked palette on my lash line. This creates a shadow effect from your lashes making them look fuller.

Bad: So while this does look nice on my lashes, it does fan them out beautifully and elongates them I do feel that they look rather thin. I personally would rather have really volumulous lashes than really long lashes so for me this is by no means my favourite mascara. However, if you have shorter lashes with tons of volume then this is the perfect mascara for you.
If you already have long lashes and they are not that thick then from a far you will not be able to see your lashes with this product, I think it almost fans them out too much loosing the impact that great lashes should make.
Verdict: I would give this product 7/10 I think it is great in most aspects but I do think that volume is important so it is not quite up there with my favourite Maxfactor False Lash Effect mascara which is just £10.99.

Honestly ladies this mascara is not worth the price tag or the hype. I would recommend Maxfactor's mascara to all girls, they are reasonably priced and have one suitable for any lash type.
Hope you find this useful ladies, please bare in mind most blogs I have read have loved this mascara, I just personally really love mascara when it ups the volume and this just does not do it for me.