Thursday, 28 November 2013

MAC face and body foundation review

Hello lovelies,

At £21.50 for 50ml MACs face and body foundation is a little costly so I thought a little review may come in handy.

I use two shades mixed together to make it look a little more natural. With my olive toned skin I feel a mix of a N and a C matches better. The shades I picked out were N2 and C3. The C3 looks a lot darker unblended but as you can see below they are very similar shades. the C3 just has a more olive undertone that matches my mixed Spanish skin tone, whereas the N2 just warms it back up and makes your skin look fresher.

Coverage: This is not full coverage. If that is what you are looking for I suggest MAC's studio fix, or No7 Beautifully Matte foundation for a cheaper version. This simply perfects your natural skin. If you have nice clear skin and just want to look a little more polished then this is perfect.
Texture: This is a really watery foundation. It is super runny so be careful when you first open it! This really helps  to blend it in and as it is not creamy it stops it rubbing off and keeps it looking matte. It also means once it has dried it will not budge. It is the only foundation I trust to wear on my body knowing it will not rub off on to my clothes. I love to apply this to my heals when wearing sandals as it covers the redness from wearing rubbing shoes. 

As this is for face and body it is the perfect tool for blending into your neck and making your makeup look like your natural skin. I see so many young girls not blending properly. If you have used a full coverage foundation, powder on your neck is not going to cut it. This product really is amazing at looking natural.

Due to my oily T zone I have not really got in to the BB/CC hype like a lot of others have, so if you too suffer from the shine then this is perfect if all you want is the subtle coverage that these products provide. Note though that there is buildable coverage to a low medium, just allow one coat to dry then apply another if you do want to cover a little more.
I hope this has been useful ladies, I do love full coverage but the blending factor and the texture of this product just make it great.     buy here