Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Review: Oskia Renaissance Mask

Hello lovelies,
As you may know my least favourite beauty practice is skin care, it is just such a faff, and there are too many products out there! Even with reviews, it can be a little bit of trial and error; never a good thing when some of the best things can be incredibly expensive. 
Rant over, I received a free sample of the Oskia London Renaissance Mask from cultbeauty when I purchased some other items, and have officially fallen in love with my new silky skin.

Price £48.50 for 50ml  buy here You receive 2 free samples with orders above £40 and free delivery on orders over £50 at cultbeauty.

First things first, this is said to be suitable for all skin types. As I have combination skin, with very sensitive skin around my eyes, I can confirm this. Whilst it does not seam to combat dryness or excess oils, this does leave your skin feeling nourished, smooth and fresh. In fact I actually noticed a decrease in the red pigmentation in my skin after using this. I would not say the effects are long lasting, but with each use you are guaranteed to see a vast improvement to skin luminosity.

This actually works by increasing the turnover of skin cells, this therefore minimises blocked pores in turn reducing their appearance. It is also supposed to reduce the appearance of finer wrinkles, thankfully I have none as yet so I cannot comment on this. 

The mask contains Passion fruit and papaya enzymes which ex-foliate the skin, removing the dead skin cells and exposing fresh skin. Your complexion really does look brighter after using this, I much prefer this to ex-foliating as this is lovely and gentle on your skin and leaves it feeling and looking nicer. It also contains prebiotics which will help to fight blemishes by removing bacteria on your skin. 

By far my favourite thing about this mask is it's amazing smell. I can't put my finger on which of the ingredients this smell is, but just yum is all I can say. It really is a pleasure to wear.

As you can see when applied it is just a thin white layer, it is really soft on your skin and comes off very easily with a little water. The same as if you were washing soap off your face. It is not the kind of mask you have to get off in the shower.

Hope this has been useful beauties, let me know what you think of this mask, or what your favourite mask is if you have another.