Sunday, 2 February 2014

Review: mac fix+

You may have seen my recent e.l.f. make up mist and set review, today I thought I would share a high end setting spray so you can have some comparison.
Price: £14.50 100ml buy here
Good: The main good thing about this product is that it works amazingly well. One or two sprays and your makeup lasts you all day, and it dries in seconds. Because I use liquid foundation, my skin sometimes feels a bit dewy, but when I have used this my make up just feels like my skin which is really nice. It is infused with green tea, cucumber and chamomile and is said to have the scent of Sugi; I have no idea what that is but I can't smell anything which I think is good, as it is going all over my face I wouldn't want it to be perfumed.
A lot of  mac products are over priced but I think this is relatively good value for money. You literally only need a spray a day so 100mils could probably last you the year.
This is also great at preventing panda eyes when using gel or khol eyeliner. With gel liner I wet my brush with this before application and then wet the brush again and go over the applied liner. With a khol I again use my liner brush, just wet it slightly and go over the liner you have applied. This will not prevent smudging completely, but provided you don't rub your eyes too much fix+ works a treat.

Bad: The only thing I would say is that I don't like to use this over my powder foundation or mineral veil. This is water based, no matter how far away you hold the bottle when you spray, water does remove some of your powder product which can make it look a little blotchy. I do know some girls that wear this over their powders, but for me this is strictly for setting my liquid foundation and concealer.

I have read many reviews of other setting sprays that people claim to love more than this one. For me personally, I can't see me changing from the fix+, it works perfectly for me and I can easily pick it up from store or online, I find it a bit annoying when I only have the option to purchase online.

I hear a lot of girls asking what mac products they should get and I have to say this is my number one mac product. Not having to touch up your makeup all day will not only save you money but it will make you feel more confident and I am yet to find a cheaper setting spray as good as this one.