Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Nivea Express Hydration Primer

Primer is one of those annoying products that most of us have to try about 50 before we actually find one we love.
Luckily my sister and I have very different skin so we simply give products we have not liked to one another; this is one that my sister was not a fan of. She has recently got moderately dry skin but with an oily tee zone, she just felt that this did not work as well as silicone based primers. I have extremely dry skin around my eyes and relatively normal skin on the rest of my face (it used to be oily prior to using vitamin E products review) so here are my thoughts.

Good: Unlike most primers this also has moisturising qualities; ideal for working days when we don't have hours for extensive pamper routines. This instantly absorbs into your skin leaving it feeling nicely moisturised and refreshed. This is not a replacement for your moisturiser but it does give your skin that extra bit of nourishment.
A lot of primers I have used, for example Benefit's pore-fessional (review), create a really smooth base for you makeup to sit on top of. This product does not create that silky layer but silky skin; I have found that this actually makes your make up stay put for even longer. Where other primers just create a base, this also has some fixing powers. By not having that extra layer, your makeup is less likely to smudge throughout the day which works great with liquid foundations. It also smells lovely and fresh.

Bad: Whilst I love this product, I can see why some people would dislike it, and I think this products benefits are totally dependent on your skin type. Touch wood, I am not really prone to blemishes therefore I don't really need my makeup to sit on an extra layer. If you do have blemishes then other primers will help to smooth out any uneven areas and may be better suited for you.

I personally look for a primer that makes my foundation last longer and this just fits the bill. I love that you can get the benefit of a primer whilst not drying out your skin and at £4.99 for 50ml this is an absolute bargain. buy here