Tuesday, 4 March 2014

JOUER blusing beauty palette review

Hello beauties,
I have recently been watching a lot of ViviannaDoesMakeup youtube videos, I noticed that she used a few Jouer cosmetics products and as I had not heard of the brand before I was really intrigued. I noticed this product in one video and loved it, it looked really cool and practical and the shades looked really me so I headed over to cultbeauty and made a cheeky purchase :D
Jouer: Blushing Beauty Palette limited edition
Price: £45 buy here this product is a bargin as it is 7 products in 1, but if that's not persuaded you then cultbeauty.co.uk also offer 3 free samples with orders over £40 and free shipping with orders over £50 so be sure to purchase from them.
Good: The Packaging: Firstly this product comes in a really cute draw string bag, which just adds to the elegance all jouer products have. Then we cannot go without mentioning the lego/ interlocking system it has. This makes it perfect for travelling, no more loosing bits of make up in your bag or in fact make up bags, this little capsule is self contained. It's not just the palettes that offer this inter locking system; all jouer compacts and glosses have this, meaning you can interchange your travel kit dependant on the look you are wearing that day.
The product: Again I love how this is 7products in one. I especially love the face compact, it's nice to know that your contour colour is the right shade for your skin tone. I think a full face palette like this is great for girls that maybe are not sure which colours go together, as they have already matched it all perfectly for you.
The gloss is lovely, it is in shade 'cherish', it is not too sticky in texture, and has a subtle to medium pigment. The eyes compact only has two colours but they have picked the most used shades that can be applied to create so many different looks. The pale skin toned shade 'peach' is matte and gives a lovely warm tone to the lid, while the dark brown shade 'chocolat' is really shimmery. The shimmer has a gold tone to it allowing for more subtly of the shade if applied lightly with buildable colour for smoky looks. The tint and highlighter compact was the one I was most pleasantly surprised by. In the set the highlight looks rather dark but when applied it is so shimmery it looks amazing. It has a bronze gold tone to it and gives a beautiful tanned look to the skin. The tint is also shimmery which means that the two look really nice together. The shimmer takes away from the strength of the pigment when applied giving a naturally flushed glowing look.
I would say this is the perfect day palette and would look amazing during the summer where the shimmer will catch the sun. 
Other Palettes Available: 
Little Black Dress great for sultry or girly pink looks
In The Red  perfect for a red carpet glam looks
Bare Beauty Collection for more natural make up looks
Bad: While I cant fault the quality of the products in the set, I do prefer a lipstick over a gloss so maybe the set would have been better with a cute lipstick instead. Having said that, I love this gloss, and I just bought a matching lipstick to get free shipping :) The lipstick I got was the Jouer Lip Sheer lipstick in shade Capri. It is a really subtle coral and incredibly buttery in texture, it matches perfectly with the palette. It costs £18 and can be bought here.
The other negative I would say is that the face compact is only for lighter skin, this is not a problem for me but I like it when brands are inclusive of everyone. If you want one of these palettes and you have a darker skin tone then the bare beauty collection palette is best suited as it has a translucent mattifying balm for the face compact.

I hope you enjoyed this post, if you love discovering new brands like I do, I urge you to try Jouer Cosmetics; all their products are really high quality and they offer some lovely shades for lovers of neutrals.