Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Lancôme brush review

Hello beauties,

We all love a good brush and while realTechniques, mac and sigma take the spotlight, I thought I would review some brushes for you that are not spoken about all that often but are amazing quality.

25 Cheek And Contour Brush £28 buy here

This is my kit essential brush for all lovers of contouring. The bristles are natural hair and very gentle on the skin. The cheek and contour brush has long oval shaped bristles gathered flat on the sides to allow you to get perfectly chiselled cheek bones with buildable application. The flatness of the brush also provides the perfect shape to apply an even amount of blush to the apples of your cheeks.
The joue and contour brush is 'supposed' to be used for highlighting, I personally would only do so on the bridge of my nose with this brush as it is rather small. I do however find it perfect for applying concealer. It is great at buffing in the product, be it liquid or cream. It is also great at contouring the sides of your nose, again it buffs the contour in rather than creating a line to be later blended. 

17 Blending Shadow Brush £21 buy here

This is such a lovely brush with long and super soft bristles. I would compare this to the 224 tapered blending brush by mac which is £22.50.The bristles are maybe a little more flimsy on this brush which allows for softer blending when used gently.
Both brushes have natural hair bristles which are tapered (the bristles come to a slight point) which allow you to get right into the crease of your eye. I personally like both brushes but this is £1.50 cheaper so if you are on a budget but looking for a great brush then this is the one for you. This brush can also be used for sealing under eye concealer with setting/loose powders, as well as for blending eye shadow.

24 Double-ended Liner Smudge Brush £18 buy here

This brush is such good value for money, a mac 210 eyeliner brush is £16.50 and only has the one brush. This dual ended brush means that you can create a perfect slim line or smudged out line for smoky looks.
As you can see the wand is angled making it much easier to draw a perfectly straight line. The bristles are much shorter than most other brushes I have seen, allowing for more precision, and allowing you to make much smaller lines. I always think its nicer to build on make up rather than ending up applying too much and having to brave a bold liner or re do your eye make up.

The smudger brush also has short soft bristles, I use this to apply shadow over my liner to smudge slightly but also to create a more matte look. This can be used to apply gel liner as well if you want to create a thicker less precise looking line.
I hope this has been useful, please comment if you would like any more information on the brushes, and let me know what you think of them if you have tried them.