Wednesday, 19 March 2014

The Pro Hygiene Collection Make Up Antibacterial Spray

I recently discovered this antibacterial spray for make up whilst browsing cult beauty and got instantly exited. I realise some girls will think that it is a little strange but I think it is an amazing idea and a beauty kit essential.

This retails for £15 for 240ml like I said you can find it at cultbeauty here. I have also seen this on feelunique who stock a 100ml bottle as well for £10 buy here.

I realise £10/15 is extortionate for what essentially is a small bottle of antibacterial spray. However, this product dries in 60 seconds and does not ruin your product at all and it kills 99.99% of germs and you only need to do a small spritz to clean your products. I have been sitting my products face up on a table and spraying this once from about 40cm away. This way one spray cleans about 3 products.

What to use it on: The spray works on all kinds of makeup; powders, creams, lip sticks and gels etc. however they do not recommend using this on mascara so make sure you stick to your use by dates. They also do not recommend use on lip glosses. If you are using it on a lipstick or eye/lip pencil then spritz, wait 60seconds and wipe on some clean tissue prior to applying it; you don't want to get the spray in your eyes or mouth as it taste rank and stings like hell; yes I am one of those idiots that doesn't look which way the lid is pointing before I spray. You can also use this on tools, like tweezers and eyelash curlers, but at £10 a bottle your probably better off just using regular cleaner on them.

How often to use: The spray prevents the regrowth of germs so will kill nearly all bacteria in between uses. If you use a product all the time once a week is ok but if its something you do not use regularly just spritz after each use then you know it is germ free while it is in storage. If you share your products with anyone then it is always better to clean it after every use to prevent spreading all your germies!
I realise this will not excite everyone as it did me, but keeping products clean not only helps them last longer but will help prevent blemishes.

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