Monday, 17 November 2014

Bumble and Bumble: Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Set

Hello Beauties,

I love a bit of Bumble and Bumble and their travel sets are just a little too hard for a blogger to resist, and with my combination, frizzy locks I couldn't just walk past The Hairdresser's Trio. The set costs £19.50 and contains the Invisible Oil sulfate free Shampoo, Invisible Oil Conditioner, and Invisible Oil heat and uv protecting primer all 60ml bottles. buy here
This is a sulfate free shampoo with six 'feather light' oils as they have promoted it. I knew this was going to nourish my hair but 'invisible' to me suggests that my hair will look shiny but will feel light and oil free. Unfortunately this shampoo just makes my hair greasy, it looks really heavy and more like 3 day hair than salon washed hair. I do have oil prone hair near my scalp but even the dryer ends of my hair looked oily when I used this. I would only recommend this if your hair is very dry.

Hairdresser’s invisible oil conditioner 
Surprisingly I really like this conditioner, it makes your hair look sleek and prevents dry frizzy hair. I only use this in the ends of my hair but I really love how smooth this makes it feel. I wouldn't say it aids in de-tangling your hair but if your are using a Tangle Teezer or a Wet Brush it is not really a problem.

This is my favorite of the trio. I use this in the ends of my hair when it is wet or dry as like a protecting leave in conditioner. This is perfect if you have dry frizzy hair, used before straightening it really does make the hair look sleeker. 

I have always been happy with Bumble and Bumble products in the past but with this set I feel the high street has some great alternatives and the products are just not worth the price tag. If its a leave in treatment you are after then Aussie have a great range of leave in conditioners at more affordable prices. 

Let me know your thoughts if you have tried these products in the comments. Also see my reviews of the Surf Set and the Ultimate Blow Dry Set for some more of my rambles.