Monday, 8 December 2014

Lancôme Advanced Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate

Hello Beauties,
T'is the season for photographs and I don't know about you but where there are cameras in the plenty I like to up the ante with my skincare routine. While primers are great for evening out the appearance of pores, I have also found they clog my pores, and unless I want a face full of blackheads, I cannot wear a primer everyday. Let me introduce you to this skin perfecting serum. 
The serum was designed to reduce the appearance of fine lines, increase your skins firmness and improve the clarity of your skin, making it appear more radiant with an evenness of skin tone and texture.
In honesty I have not noticed this have an effect on the evenness of my skin tone, I still have some red pigmentation on my cheeks. The rest of the above however cannot be more true.
Just three drops of this massaged on to face each morning has not only made my skin more firm, it increases the longevity of my foundation, and creates a more even feel to my skin without blocking any of my pores or allowing my make up to crease into my fine lines. 
At £59 for 30ml the primer does not look like a bad alternative, but Lancôme always have free sample gifts when you purchase their products on their website and there are so many gift sets with these little pots in that I have been using this for the past year without ever purchasing it. 

I swear by this product, it has made such a big difference to firmness of my skin and I highly recommend it. If you are looking to achieve the results of a primer with skincare then this is the product for you.  buy here