Saturday, 27 June 2015

The Body Shop Beautifying Oil

Normally speaking oil makes me feel, what can only be described as, yuk, but it's summer and my legs need all the help they can get; winter was not kind to them. I figured using an oil at least while I shave my legs has to help a little, and turns out this is a little bottle of awesome that is surprisingly non greasy for an oil. 

I purchased this in the Sweet Lemon scent, there are 9 scents available in total if you want to have a look here, annoyingly I can't find this on the website so I hope they are not discontinuing it, it has such a lovely fresh and zesty smell. 
My only pet peeve about this is the packaging, it is impossible to pour any out without some dribbling on to the bottle and I can't stand sticky packaging, it means you have to leave it by your bath or deal with grease marks all over the show. I have just been pouring it in to a bottle with a pump but it would be nice if it was like that already. 

Like I said I just use this to shave really, it prevents my legs from getting dry and irritated and helps the blade to glide more easily giving a cleaner shave. I have also used this a little on my arms, I find it feels nicer than applying a cream, this stuff soaks in to the skin instantly, and provided you don't use too much it feels like no product is on there faster than cream. 

This is the only dry body oil I have found that actually doesn't grease stuff up too much, so at £9 a bottle you may want to head over to The Body Shop this summer. Buy Here