Thursday, 29 October 2015

Simple Age Resisting Day Cream

Simple is not a brand I use a lot, if I am honest a few of their products have made my skin feel so dry, but I'm not one for hating a brand for just a few products that don't work for me, and I have finally found something that works really well for my skin.

When it comes to cream I like it thick and oily for the night time, and light and firming in the day. Although this has a rather thick consistency it sinks into the skin instantly and is lovely to apply. Massaged in thoroughly this makes your skin feel nice and moisturised without leaving any oily or creamy residue on the surface; so it's perfect if you are applying makeup on top.
I like to use this in combination with the Vichy Aqualia Thermal Serum *review, I find the two together leave my skin feeling fresh and nourished. I have combination skin so lots of creams I have used have made parts of my skin oily or have not given enough moisture to my dry areas, but this just works really well. At £5.25 this is an amazing little face cream and although not as lovely smelling as my high end creams it is a fraction of the price and is probably much better for my skin. Buy here.