Thursday, 20 June 2013

Skin Care for beating breakouts

Hello chicas,
Since this is my first blog I wanted to start of with something I think is muy importante; skin care...
Every girl will be using different products dependant on her skin type but one element of skin care I think most girls will go through at some stage is prevention of oily skin or breakouts.
I am personally rather lucky, I went through my 'spotty' stage for just a couple of months during a summer holiday to Barcelona, the holiday snaps were not so beautiful but since then although my T zone is oily (nose and above my brow), I don't tend to suffer from breakouts.
Like most girls I have tried a LOT of different products but I have found that The Body Shop's Tea Tree range offers the best selection of products to prevent breakouts. I would always encourage people to use natural products and as The Body Shop uses natural products, sourced sensibly, are vegetarian friendly and do not test on animals you will come to see I use a lot of their stuff! :)

Here are my must haves from the range...
The Cool and Creamy Wash is £5 and as you can see from how empty the bottle is I use this every day and I love this product! You find with most facial washes that they only target one or two functions, this however I have found not only keeps my skin clear and less oily, it holds in the moisture and generally gives the skin a good wash. The tea tree smells so fresh and I can't see myself reverting back to any other face wash so I highly recommend this product.

The Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser is also £5 and aids in removing impurities from the skin whilst irradiating excess oil. I do love this product and if you are suffering from a breakout then this is a 'go to' but to be honest I don't use it too often, I find that the creamy wash and toner work well enough without this but like I said if you are having a breakout then I would suggest using this also just to speed up the progress of clearer fresher looking skin.
The Toner is £5 for 250ml and as stated on the bottle gets rid of any impurities left on your skin. In doing so skin looks much fresher and I have found that my skin no longer takes pigment from my makeup leaving a more flawless complexion when not wearing make-up. As the bottle also claims, this product makes your skin more mattified, this is great for those with oily skin like myself, using this in the morning before you apply your make up stops that shiny nose from making an annoying appearance :)

The Skin Clearing Lotion is just £3 for 15ml or £8 for 50ml. I like to use this after applying the toner, this helps to re-hydrate my skin. I have been applying this in upward sweeps to my face and neck every other day for the past month and I really do think this product works. My skin is much softer when I use this, again my make-up appears more mattified and my make-up seams to last longer when I have used the lotion. I would avoid applying close to your eyes as the strong scent can make them water but this product really makes your skin feel fresh throughout the day.

So these were just my 4 must have products, but should you wish to explore the rest of the range available, click here.
Thank you for reading and I hope this has been useful.