Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Soap & Glory: The Breakfast Scrub

Presuming/ hoping that I am not the only one left with reptilian like skin towards the end of winter, may I please introduce you to the best body scrub in the world; The Breakfast Scrub.

First of all I have to address the scent, if you love the smell of baking then you will love this beauty. The blend of almond and sugar gives the most intense dessert smell it makes me crave cookies every time I use this. 
Secondly, this works as good as it smells. My arms and legs feel so smooth after using this. Unlike other scrubs your skin is not left feeling dry, it actually makes u feel primed if that makes sense. Your skin feels and looks smother, almost like using a body polish. 

Lastly, due to the scrub being made with sugar as apposed to micro-beads it is really gentle on the skin whilst still removing all dead skin particles. This makes it perfect for using on your face as well as your body. Simply rub in to your fingertips with a bit of warm water and gently scrub and it is much gentler than other facial exfoliators. If you have sensitive skin like myself then I highly recommend trying this.  

At £8 for 300ml this is an absolute bargain. I can finally wave goodbye to my scaly lizard legs :) bring on the summer!